10 turtleneck pairings to see you through the winter

10 turtleneck pairings to see you through the winter

Turtlenecks are not such a secret weapon for fashion insiders in winter . Street stylists in particular love to wear them under their cold-weather outfits. While these outfits can include anything from hoodies and jeans to sweaters and knit skirts, it's the turtleneck pairings that really make a lasting impression.

But putting together the dynamic duos is easier said than done. First, the turtleneck sweater or dress should be mainly made of a warmer fabric. (Think wool, velvet etc.) Additional credit if both are suitable for colder climates.

The next step involves coordination. There must be some continuity between the two pieces. That doesn't mean that it has to be a matchy-matchy ensemble. As long as the connection can be recognized through similar color palettes or the most interesting part of the turtleneck can still be seen under the dress of your choice, everything is good. And mini dresses are still options this time of year. You can always add trousers or tights to keep your legs warm.

Knowing that there is a lot going on right now, we did the job for you. Here are the most stylish turtleneck pairs of the season.

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