17 Swimsuits With Rave Reviews on Amazon (Plus 8 That Are Just Beautiful)

17 Swimsuits With Rave Reviews on Amazon (Plus 8 That Are Just Beautiful)

Did you find yourself 15 pages deep in a Amazon search that reads product reviews with an intensity that you think you know that you know the people who write them? Because I sure have. This isn’t the first time I’ve come across a rabbit hole of reviews on Amazon and let’s face it, it’s not the last. Haters will say it’s a waste of time, but to them, I just show them my neat shopping cart, which is now full of prospective purchases that they feel enjoyable because of how well they’ve researched.

Well, on a recent such virtual shopping trip, my attention focused on [swimsuit] in . And man, do I have some great finds to share with you here. Swimsuit season is almost here, and even though it means I’ll be closing my backyard, I’m still excited to add some new styles to my wardrobe. The ' zon is really going through right now on this front, and after reading dozens of Amazon swimsuit reviews, I’ve put together 17 suits that deserve your attention for superb love and absolute rated. But while I was here, I fell in love with a few more that I couldn’t stop sharing because they were so beautiful.

Scroll down to shop the well-reviewed swimwear on Amazon that I found as well as eight more down.

This high-waisted bikini has nearly 2000 glowing reviews and has 29 color and print options. It's worth just clicking to compare them all. 4.5 stars, 1923 reviews

I love it when an item makes both high rated and beautiful categories. 4 stars, 173 reviews

The square neck and spaghetti straps feel like the ' 90s. Side note: I own a similar swimsuit and definitely wear it as a bodysuit occasionally. 4.5 stars, 47 reviews

A simple triangle bikini like this doesn't really go out of style. 4.5 stars, 1610 reviews

Because I know you want to see it in black too. 4.5 stars, 1610 reviews

I'm not against the idea of ​​wearing this bikini top with sweatpants or jeans around the house. 4 stars, 523 reviews

The chic silhouette belt struck me as something Rosie HW would wear. It's worth looking back, too. 4.5 stars, 573 reviews

This print! 4 stars, 155 reviews

I tell you, halters are back. 4.5 stars, 216 reviews

This color never fails so I was wow. 4.5 stars, 213 reviews

You know I can't resist a square neckline, even in swimsuits. 4 stars, 371 reviews

To quote one reviewer, "I'm really thrilled that I took a chance on this swimsuit. After reading the reviews was I ordered the size up and the suit fit perfectly! It holds everything without being too tight. I love the ruching on the front and the ruffle is flattering, feminine, and draw the eye ". 4.5 stars, reviews 1914

Brown swimsuits are a very serious trend if you ask me. 4 stars, 226 reviews

Leopard swimsuits are timeless. It's that simple. 4 stars, 1511 reviews

If you like compliments, you received a piece of this. 4 stars, 256 reviews

These non-halter triangle bikinis feel very crisp. 4 stars, 1122 reviews

Amazon shoppers absolutely adore this comfortable and well -appointed choice. 4.5 stars, 212 reviews

Too nice to resist.

Hell yes to tie-dye bikinis.

This color is very fresh feeling.

It makes me want to vacation in Positano, and I'm with it.

The right amount of stylish.

I’m mainly into bikini inspired lingerie nowadays.

This full-coverage swim shirt is a sight.

I'm sure it's for tween girls, but am I crazy that I want one?

Smocking has always been a yes from me.

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