18 Beauty Hair Accessories That I Made Of Two Double Shot

18 Beauty Hair Accessories That I Made Of Two Double Shot

I feel like I spent so much time on Instagram this year that it takes something really special for me to stop scrolling. Obviously we all logged a lot of days at home this past year, so by default, we also spend more time on our devices. (I don’t want to talk about my average screen time.) As a result of all that scrolling, I was a bit immune to Instagram trends. They just didn’t have the same effect on me before. They started to feel repetitive fast thanks to all that time of reflection.

In addition, now when something catches my eye, I know it really is special, and I notice it very often in hair . A great curtain bang, a vibrant color or perfectly placed highlights were gathered in my saved folder later with another theme: hair accessories. A beautiful hair accessory can raise your daily strands from average to great instantly, and they are very easy to add to your look. Whether it’s a few clips on the front or a gorgeous scarf wrapped around your head, a hair accessory always stands out. Below, I outline 18 beautiful hair accessories that make me twice in my scrolling days, all of which are beyond wearable.

The favorite of all & # 39; 90s hair accessories is back, and I & # 39; re not happy anymore. A large jaw clip is perfect for a bad hair day or when you do not have the time or energy to curl your hair. Just separate your front pieces, roll your hair back into a bun, and clip. You look effortless to put — along with the time to spare.

The pearl details on this one are very delicate.

I like the open design on it.

This pattern always looks chic.

How funny is this?


Fully paired with suburban garments.

The finest clips.

A silk scarf has no time to catch up, yet it always catches my eye. You can play with a variety of patterns and colors to complement your outfit, and this is the perfect solution for two-day-old hair that you are not ready to wash (speaking for myself but relying on someone else do the same thing).

This is a fun take on the classic scarf print.

So chic with a crisp white look.

Preppy but I'm in it.

For logo-mania fans.

I can't stop a good flower print.

The two look more expensive than these.

The Pins came back last year, and I was with them. They pulled my hair out of my face in the chicest way possible. There are also many ways you can use them to improve your outfit.

A favorite Instagram.

This feeling is happy in the best way.

Add a pop of color to your attire.


Wow lang.

I could not stop staring.

They only add a touch of femininity to your look.

Next thing: People usually think I'm younger than I am, so I & # 39; re not exposing my skincare routine.

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