Meet Michelle Phan: One of the First Multi-Hyphenates of the Beauty Industry

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Michelle Phan is an absolute beauty powerhouse . While we now scroll through TikTok or Instagram and instantly have access to thousands of beauty how-tos, tips, and tricks, there was a time when there were no online beauty tutorials. Enter Phan, a digital pioneer you likely recognize as the original beauty blogger and, dare we say, the creator of one of first YouTube makeup tutorials of all time. In the last decade, he has gained a global community of Read more

Every single gucci item under $ 250

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word Gucci ? Bad brand shoes and celebrity-approved clothes can be imagined, but these items with four-digit prices are far from the only ones Gucci has created. If you want to treat yourself to a Gucci trinket for less than $ 250, you have many options.

Gucci’s 100% printed silk scarf, for example, can be worn around your neck with a white T-shirt . tied to your favorite bag to give it instant refreshment, or worn in your hair. The possibilities are truly endless. Plus, the variety of copies ensures that there ' s something for everyone. The brand’s bright red key case will definitely be easy to fish out of your bag, while the cute silver key cases are perfect for your logo arrangement. Of course, any of these items will make for great gifts for the … Read more

15 This Woman – Approved Halloween Costumes

Coming up with a Halloween costume that hasn't been done a million times and you're excited to put together is quite a tall order, but it can be done. So how do you find the perfect Halloween costume —you know, the one that is equally unique, enticing, and wonderful?

The answer is simple: by turning to our seasoned panel of experts on all the cool, otherwise known as It girls of the fashion world. To give you a start, we’ve done celebrity research, and we share a variety of creative ideas from Alexa Chung, Adwoa Aboah, Kate Moss, and more. Below, you’ll find everything from stylish rounds to classic costumes to the inspiration that the movie’s characters will take.

Get started with your Halloween costume by bookmarking supremely stylish ideas. Plus, shopping for the essentials you need to recreate every creative look. Check out our 15 stylish Halloween costumes below. … Read more

We Tried This Buzzy Serum, And It Could Be Magic

When it comes to a buzzy makeup product, I'm always the first of my friends to try it. Even if it’s not new (maybe it’s just a cult item loved by the industry), I need to find out for myself if all the conversations are warranted. Like any smart beauty editor, I always hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Sometimes products are total collapse, while others are worth the hype. Such is the case with Lancôme ' s Advanced Génifique Face Serum ($ 105). It’s a hero product from a French makeup-and-skincare company for many years and much loved by skincare pros and editors. Honestly, I don’t know why I stopped using it in the first place, but I’m thankful that it came back into my life. And now that it’s back to my skincare routine, I feel like I won’t share it with my co -workers. … Read more

31 Trendy Nordstrom Items That Are Just Different

Everyone knows that Nordstrom is our home base for the pieces that stick to our wardrobes. I’m talking about the leggings we wear to every yoga class, the ankle boots we wear to death, and the tees and tanks we pull on regularly. While there is no closet that feels complete without those who can’t talk (they are called essentials for a reason), now, I need to turn your attention to the [trendypieces provided by retailers today as well.

Every cuttuous cut, rich knit set, and smooth piece of leather I've found lately surprises me in a way that no simple basis can do. Sorry, not sorry! These pieces really satisfied my itch to be loaded with major trends coming out of the pipeline this fall and since I know you’re interested in seeing what comes out a little in my heart, I compile a list of stylish Nordstrom shopping … Read more

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