This Underrated Product Makes My Legs Low-Key Airbrush

I love the look of sun-kissed skin, but I don ' t love sun damage, so I don ' t always have even a self-tanner on hand. The right ones will bring out my skin tone and boost my glow, so I don ' t mind using them all year round, even in the dead of winter if my skin hasn ' t seen sunlight. in the moon or in the summer when I have or don’t have a natural tan formation (don’t worry-I always wear sunscreen!). . Sometimes, however, I just want a little extra on my legs, especially in the summer when I take off all my jeans and long dress for short shorts, a skirt, or a simple bathing suit umbrella. That’s when I turned to leg makeup. Yes, foot makeup. Do you know that thing? It is, and I think, it is underrated, because it makes
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I've Tried Many Beauty Products for a Lifetime – The Beauty Bags That Are Up to Work

To say that I have a lot of makeup would be a small statement. Working in the beauty industry for just over three years, I’ve tried tons of products and accumulated a lot. Too much, in fact, I had to take an entire day to organize everything. I started with containers for products I hadn’t had a chance to use yet, but I was stunned to have a plan for organizing products I enjoy using often.

I thought about small plastic containers, but that would still leave me fishing through products every day. So as an alternative, I went with three different options: a big makeup fixer; a medium cosmetic bag with individual compartments to hold items such as my sunscreen primer, and spray setting ; and then a small bag that I can pop into any handbag or a fanny pack. (Prevents me from getting lost and searching for … Read more

39 New Nordstrom Finds That Are Trendy, Cool, and 100% Worth Buy

I've said this before, and I'll say it again: I'm a good buyer at Nordstrom . There’s something that relaxes me about scrolling through all the pages of newcomers with the intent of avoiding the best of the best for all of you. Here I saw some of the best products before others because I was willing to take the time to pass it all on. Sometimes we want to highlight the best trends or the best items under $ 100 but now, I keep things simple and I bring you my personal list of current must-have that also happens to be trending.

Ahead, you'll get shopping brands from Ganni to Topshop as I include the latest items Nordstrom has to offer for the fall. If you need something to jazz up your seasonal wardrobe, this story will ensure you don’t have to look anywhere else-Nordstrom has you covered.

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12 Fall Date-Night Outfits That You Can Absolutely Wear At Home

Looking for something to wear with your next date night ? Or maybe every night is date night in your area. Either way, now I've got you more covered with a round of 12 easy ingredient ideas that will make prepping for your next night out-or, of course, to —almost too easy. From casual and comfortable clothes to classic jean-and-top como that of course, once in a while, these fits will prepare you for anything your love life falling to you this fall Just make sure to save or screenshot your favorites on hand and copy anytime you're in a pinch. (And don’t be surprised if you end up wearing a lot of them over and over again.) So, what are you waiting for? Check out and shop the looks that make the cut below and consider your preparation time officially cut in half for the rest of the season. … Read more

The 5 Best Shoe Styles To Wear With Wide Leg Pants

It is not easy to make the choice of which shoes to wear with what, and it will be even more difficult when you have so many choices. To help make dressing easier (and more manageable), especially when it comes to your footwear, we’ve put together a number of guides about which heels, sandals, and sneakers are best paired with which piece in your container. We’ve created a need to know guide covering best shoes to wear bootcut jeans and selected the top styles to pair with skinny jeans, and now, we’re focused on the best shoes to wear with wide -legged pants .

Wide leg pants are strong, flowing, and usually start to fire at the top, unlike the slightly more toned-down version of the bootcut, which draws volume towards the ankles. When choosing shoes for wide leg jeans, you want to choose a pair that works with their … Read more

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