Sarah Hyland Talks About Astrology, Beauty Favorites, and Sharing Products with Her Fiancé

It's quite understandable if you've already bought a beauty or wellness supplement with the intention of drinking one every day but you forget, are surprised at its sheer size, or you don't like the taste of it. We are all there. That’s why Sarah Hyland’s new business venture, Sourse almost looks too good to be true. Supplements that sound like delicious M&M? Sign me up.

The vitamin-infused vegan candy brand was technically launched in 2020 by couple Jenne Moore and Andrew Remlinger, but they changed the company name this year. That means a change for its packaging, two new products, and bringing in Hyland as co-founder and creative director. “They sent me some products last year, and I liked it,” Hyland told me at the Sourse launch party in Los Angeles. "I told them I had a lot of ideas and I wanted to be a part of it, so … Read more

I Ordered 3 Cozy Amazon Basics — Here Is My Unfiltered Review

Last month, I ordered three basics on Amazon all of a sudden, took pictures of them, and wrote mini-reviews. I thought it was fun, so let’s repeat! This time, I love the cozy pieces, just in time for the first major cold snap of the year. (23 ° last night where I live.) Again I came across three new basics from in-house brands Amazon Fashion and I have to say I was pretty happy with my choices. [19659002]] Although there are many more places to go these days, the number one priority for most of us when it comes to clothing is its comfort. In my book, coziness means that both comfort and warmth are present and considered. Amazon's airy fashion offerings are wide in fact, but I didn't have a hard time deciding on a wrap puffer (yes, wrap), a fun ribbed knit top, and a bright turtleneck sweater. … Read more

46 Cheap Winter Items to Buy When You Want to Look Chic

Somehow an outfit doesn't have to be expensive to look expensive. Although I ' ve highlighted the tricks for creating high-end looks in the past, it really comes down to making sure your ensembles consist of fashion- forward pieces that may seem to be worth hundreds of dollars. but actually calling for less means. And to help you navigate the millions of products out there to discover affordable gems I spent an afternoon exploring all of our favorite stores — from Nordstrom to H&M — to find best thing less than $ 75 seriously. Raise your winter wardrobe.

So without further ado, keep scrolling to shop 46 inexpensive winter staples, all broken down by category (from coats to sweaters to boots). Go ahead and take your "expensive" cold weather offer to the next level.

It's very chika to embrace the winter-white look. ]
A flawless peacoat for less than $
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Winter Is Coming: 6 Loungewear Trends That Promise to Be Big

In case you haven't heard of the zillionth time, winter is usually already here, and in a new season a new phase of trends will come. As always, we’ve covered you with everything from clothing trends to jean trends and boot trends but the trends in mind is the top dress right now for us, and we’re pleased to introduce six emerging trends as good as these in the lounge.

Make no mistake — we always have room for classic sweatsuits but if you feel tired of wearing the same jogger over and over while chilling out at home, look no further than comfortable- loungewear editing we have compiled for all your winter needs. From the shoe trend replacing our standard slippers to the expensive knit sets that dominate our feeds today, keep scrolling for six major winter loungewear trends to find out. the most wearing today? I've found some … Read more

37 Amazing Items to Buy From Amazon's Black Friday Sale

It's a common misconception in my family that I like Black Friday . I am the shopper of our family, the one who stays up all night looking for the latest deals and trends. I was my mom ' s date at outlet malls near O ' Hare Airport and was the force behind my dad ' s constant advice on wardrobe that he didn’t seem to take. Of course, Black Friday should be in my alley. There’s just one problem: I despise lines and people more than I want to shop.

I know what you're thinking, but there's an obvious solution: online shopping. Now, the problem with that is that online shopping on Black Friday is as much as shopping in person on Black Friday in its own way. With so many deals and advertisements for such deals, the internet is becoming completely cluttered with pages upon merchandise pages Read more

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