2022 ' s Version of Claw Clips Makes Hair Longer and Fuller — No Effort Needed

2022 ' s Version of Claw Clips Makes Hair Longer and Fuller — No Effort Needed

There is no doubt about it: 2021 is the year of the claw clip . I feel like everywhere I go, whatever the circumstances, I’ve seen someone wearing a claw clip, whether it’s a casual day at the beach or a nice dinner outside. That’s the great thing about claw clips —these beautiful hair accessories can be worn up or down, and instantly add extra sophistication to any look, and they often hold more hair than traditional. hair tie.

In 2022, we will return to another hair accessory to help complete our look — banana clips. A relic of the 80s, these clips resemble claw clips but are longer, thinner, and are made with the sole purpose of helping you achieve a thicker ponytail, no extensions.

Alright, banana clips are back in style and better than ever. As seen in TikTok these clips are very versatile and will help you instantly fake the look of more hair. Although they aren ' t the most intuitive, many TikTok tutorials exist to help you perfect the art of placing banana clips. I checked with my fellow Who What Wear editors to find out what banana clips they wanted this year — we’ll be adding these accessories to our strands soon.

I love the trend that it I want everyone to know that I am wearing it. For that reason, I’ll wear a banana clip with statement pearls so it doesn’t miss out on my hair. This may be the exact accessory I need to dress up my sweatpants on a day spent working from home.

When it comes to my very long hair, I am not much maintained. That's why I love a beautiful hair accessory — it's like I'm working hard. Since my wardrobe is made up of mostly neutral pieces, I want to be big with my clips and this is what speaks to me. Who knows, it might even replace my check claw that to this day I’m still obsessed with.

I am convinced that using banana clips is the smarter (not to mention, easier!) Alternative to extensions and fake ponytails to mimic the look of longer, fuller hair. I don’t miss much about my days when I had keratin bonded extensions, but I do miss how nice the thickness and elasticity of my ponytails are. Banana clips actually create a similar illusion and they also make your style look taller and cohesive. I look at this pretty winding scenario I saw online at Walmart and I plan to snap every single color.

Although most clips don ' t always hold up to my very thick curly hair, I love adding clips for fun. It's a great way to add a little pizazz to my go-to hairstyles.

I have very thick hair, and sometimes, a ponytail holder won't let it cascade in the way. I like. Not only do the banana clips evenly distribute my hair, but they also make it look longer than usual because I get bored trying to grow it longer. I love this one for a fun retro vibe — like something someone could wear to Saved By the Bell, right?

This funky clip is the perfect finishing accessory to any outfit.

A Prada hair clip? Sign up with us.

It provides the Warped Tour, in the best way.

This claw clip not only keeps your hair in place, it is also a stylish accessory that will add a pop of color to any look.

It's really a brag, but we'll wear this Gucci hair clip with almost every dress in our wardrobes. Still looking for inspiration for hair accessories? Check out Fashion Girls Keep Wear This Super-' 90s Hair Accessory, and I Have Questions

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