Luna Bijl Dazzles on the ‘Stunning’ June 2022 Covers of Harper’s Bazaar Spain

We’ve been huge fans of Luna Bijl ever since she first burst on the scene and landed the cover of Vogue Paris (twice within three months). Campaigns for Chanel and covers of Vogue Germany, Vogue Netherlands, Vogue China and Vogue Ukraine have captivated us to no end. Now she pops up on Harper’s Bazaar Spain for June 2022 captured by photographer Xavi Gordo. For the four collectible covers, the Dutch beauty wears pieces from Paco Rabanne’s Fall 2022 collection, which makes sense since she’s the face of the brand’s Olympéa fragrance.


Needless to say, members of our forums were ecstatic. “Stunning! Luna never disappoints,” applauded Urban Stylin.

“Oh, how lovely it is to see Luna again! The Paco Rabanne fantasy is everything and although the masthead was a choice, it isn’t too distracting. More often than not you can count on Spanish Bazaar to … Read more

The Controversial Swim Trend I'm So Into Right Now

If I were to write a short list of clothing items that scare me, somewhere after super-tight dresses and before uncomfortable shoes and white jeans, you’d find white bathing suits. I don’t particularly love wearing bathing suits in the first place (but buy them anyway), so if you take a category that already makes me uncomfortable and choose a white, nowhere-to-hide iteration, I’m downright petrified. It’s kind of how my former co-worker Aemilia feels about another popular swim trend.

Nonetheless, you can imagine my confusion when I suddenly noticed how many of my favorites suits were actually white. Maybe seeing so many of them (after all, they are having a moment) helped, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t end up ordering a couple while researching for stories.

Will I end up channeling my inner Sofia Richie this summer? Only time will tell, but for … Read more

Yep, These Are the Only Leggings You'll Wear for the Next 3 Months

As we inch closer to summer, the weather continues to warm up, and working out seems more and more uncomfortable thanks to the heat. It can already be difficult to motivate yourself to get to your HIIT class or go on a run, never mind when you have to consider the thought of pulling on a pair of thick, sweat-inducing leggings. Sadly, unless you’re planning on going to a naked yoga class, your options remain leggings or shorts, and personally, I’m not trying to sport a pair of teeny, butt-hugging spandex shorts while I burpee and squat-jump my way through my workout.

The solution? Lightweight leggings that can take you from hot yoga (clothes included) to an outdoor run without turning up the heat more than necessary. The key is to look for breathable, quick-drying fabrics like nylon or polyester (there are sustainable options in this category!) and design … Read more

Grace Elizabeth Is All Smiles on Vogue Germany’s May 2022 Cover

The last time a cover of Vogue Germany took our fancy was five months ago when Kendall Jenner helped the magazine close out 2021. Recently, the German fashion bible has undergone some major changes. First there was Christiane Arp‘s shocking departure, followed by her replacement Stephanie Neureuter’s exit. Now Kerstin Weng is the publication’s head of editorial content. For May 2022, the latter brings us Grace Elizabeth smiling before the lens of Paul Wetherell. The all-American beauty and Estée Lauder ambassador sports a knitted sweater from Prada’s Spring 2022 collection selected by stylist Elizabeth Fraser-Bell.


The majority of our forum members were pleasantly surprised. “I’m finally looking forward to receiving an issue of Vogue Germany,” admitted annikad.

“Perhaps the best Vogue Germany has looked in what feels like forever. The cover feels fresh, there’s some life in it (unlike last month‘s cover) and Grace Elizabeth … Read more

7 Outfits That Tell Me You're a Rich Mom Without *Telling* Me

I first became aware of the term rich-mom style when one of my favorite internet personalities, Tinx, popularized the idea. But then, I realized that it’s actually something we’re familiar with at WWW. Regardless of who you actually are or your parental status, income, or any other factors, anyone can harness rich-mom energy. It’s all about embodying a certain unbothered attitude, a concept that our former beauty editor Courtney Higgs waxed poetic about before. Really, it has nothing to do with actually being a mom or being “rich” and has everything to do with living your life with the mentality of wealth and abundance.

While I can’t consult on how exactly to visualize this existence, one thing I can provide is the inspiration for how to dress for it. It’s no different than the concept of putting together an expensive-looking outfit, meaning there are a few key … Read more

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