17 Casual Winter Outfits That Are Elite in Every Way

Well, friends, it looks like we’re gearing up for another season of this new normal, and seeing as certain dressier looks have felt off to us all year, we think it’s our duty to serve up a fresh round of outfit ideas that actually feel relevant for the times. I think we can all agree that casual and easy-to-throw-together looks are what we want to wear the most right now, whether it be some elevated loungewear for chilling at home or a composition of cool basics that look chic no matter what.

But just because you’re wearing something casual and comfortable doesn’t mean your outfit can’t also look elevated and cool. In fact, sometimes wearing your standard basics can be really stylish. We’ve found that the trick comes down to a few key style staples and picking out the right accessories to add in. Yep, even when wearing something as … Read more

We Asked Four Leading Wellness Experts About Setting Intentions For 2023

Image: mikroman6 for Getty

Whether you’re looking to check off a career goal, lose weight, find a significant other, declutter, reduce stress or something else, now is the time to make a plan to make that wish a reality. Because we all know that most people give up on their New Year resolutions before winter has turned to spring, we reached out to four leading wellness experts and asked for their professional insight on how to actually follow through and achieve our goals.

Keep reading for a look at tips and “tricks.”

Have a bold vision.

“In order to set the right intentions, one needs to have a clear vision of the person they want to become or the goals that they want to achieve. The vision becomes the guiding Northstar of the direction in life you want to walk towards and in creating that vision for your life, one … Read more

I Asked a Makeup Artist, Facialist, and Derm to Shop on Amazon—See Their Carts

Beauty experts, they’re just like us! Well, kind of. Of course, most of us don’t possess the professional know-how when it comes to prepping a celebrity for a red carpet sparkling with flashbulbs or assessing the health of a person’s complexion, but many of us do have one thing in common with the industry’s best makeup and skincare experts: Amazon! Despite having access to quite literally any product in the world, over the years I’ve discovered that even the most prestigious experts still count on plenty of products you can snap up during your next Amazon shopping binge.

In case you’re curious for some actual examples, I reached out to facialist Candace Marino, makeup artist Jamie Dorman and board-certified dermatologist Ellen Marmur for their signature Amazon shopping picks. Marino did add the caveat that she always recommends continuing to support small businesses, too, but if you’re looking for … Read more

The Best “Clean” Cleaning Products

The Best “Clean” Cleaning Products

Given how many affordable alternatives there are, there really aren’t any reasons to use mainstream brands like Tide given that they’re known to be loaded in toxins. If you’re looking for some inspiration as far as alternatives, we’ve rounded up some of the best ones.

Grove Co.

Grove Co. makes sustainable cleaning and home essentials including dish soap, hand soap and a multi-purposes cleaner concentrate made with 92% plant-based ingredients. This concentrate is proven to cut 2x more grease than other natural brands and has avoided over 1,477,274 lbs of plastic from entering landfills since its launch.


In addition to baby products, beauty and makeup, Honest makes natural and organic cleaning and laundry products.


AspenClean is an eco-friendly and chemical-free alternative to cleaning products. They’re the first company to have a cleaning product certified by the Environmental Working Group and their products … Read more

I DM'd 4 Nail Artists—They Said These Nail Colors Will Be Huge in 2023

I have a confession to make: I’m nosy AF. I’m sure it’s not the most shocking thing you’ve heard today—I like to think it comes with the territory when you’re a beauty editor. I always find myself Insta-stalking celebrity nail artists because of it (those designs!), and I just think it’s my job to stay on top of what’s currently trending in the beauty space. Today’s topic of interest? Popular nail colors, of course.

Don’t worry, though, this isn’t a wrap-up list of 2022’s best nail colors (although I wouldn’t be opposed to reading that either). I’m more interested in what hues celebrity nail artists think will make a big splash in 2023. After all, we all like to stay a little ahead of the game, right? If your curiosity has also gotten the best of you, keep scrolling. I DM’d four nail artists to find out what colors … Read more