22 & Other Story Pieces I Deem Spring Wardrobe Staples

22 & Other Story Pieces I Deem Spring Wardrobe Staples

and Other Stories are obsessed, my friends, and for good reason. I say this every time, but they only get better. Their pieces are a great balance of stylish and classic, and among the seasonal pieces, you will find many special basics . And perhaps the best feature of the brand is that their pieces always look more expensive than them.

For spring 2021 cardigans, miniskirts, jeans, and romantic dresses are plentiful. They usually designed everything you could need after winter. For this round, I focused specifically on wardrobes staples . But the thing about wardrobe staples is they don’t have to be boring. They can still reflect current trends. & Other Stories know it, and they are good at it. You’ll find evidence of this below, as I pick the SW pieces you are sure to wear the most this spring. Keep scrolling through the store to be ready for spring.

Good luck finding a more beautiful white top.

The perfect jacket from winter to spring.

Trust me – you need these loafers for spring.

Miniskirts will reign supreme this spring.

I was always looking for the perfect white tee, and I think I just found it.

Give your loungewear collection an upgrade.

I'm not sure white jeans are cooler than this.

This dress will look cool on sneakers as it does heels.

Wear it just like the model – with no bottom.

Act fast because it will sell.

Have you heard that this color is about to be somewhere?

Click to see how beautiful the back of this sweater is.

This is clearly made for glamor.

I'm excited to wear lace tops.

How beautiful the cardigans got.

These are spring jeans that you will wear over and over again.

This is the practical meaning of a temporary garment.

So chic.

I hardly wear a belt but it gives me a reason to start again.

I look forward to the day when I can wear clothes like this without a coat on it.

This makes each component 100 times cooler.

One last note to stock up on miniskirts this spring.

Next, the best stylish items to buy at H&M for spring .

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