23 Early 2000s Hair Trends We Are (Mostly) Nostalgic For

23 Early 2000s Hair Trends We Are (Mostly) Nostalgic For

After many years of all things ’90s re-retrieval of fashion trends and beauty seems a natural development followed by 2000s . But if the ' 90s were known for sleek, minimalist looks, the decade after them was known for just the opposite. “Hair in 2000 was wild because everyone was trying to do something a little weird that no one had ever seen,” said famous hairstylist and artistic director at Color Wow Joseph Maine . "There really are no limits and people are experimenting with different textures and accessories. It ' s a playful time for style." And playful right. From dramatic hair colors to iconic (and unique) haircuts, hair in the early aughts era was in a league of beauty of its own.

Although some of today's fashion icons such as Bella Hadid and Megan Thee Stallion are undoubtedly inspired by this time in fashion and beauty history, it is evident that some styles may have remained firmly in the past. Keep scrolling as we revisit 20 of the most memorable looks from the season (including crimping!), Along with Maine’s expert perspective.

Lopez famously topped her braided hairstyle at the 2000 MTV VMAs with a white dazzling scarf that matched what she was wearing.

We can't help but wonder … if the SJP didn't let her natural curl run freely, would Carrie Bradshaw's style-and in turn, Gender and the City itself-be so iconic?

Berry can be said to be one of the all-time great short haircuts from any era. “That pixie cut will never go out of style, especially if you have the bone structure that Halle does,” Maine said.

Good news for Kelly: The two -tone hair color is back again, with celebs like J.Lo and Dua Lipa wearing the look recently.

Good news if you still love Avril's slippery look. “Straight, shiny hair will never go out of style,” says Maine, who recommends using a smoothing treatment like Color Wow Dream Coat ($ 30) “to give thermal protection and add a ton. of radiance. "

The late singer- The actress was ahead of every trend she wore, from the ombré hair color to its deep part- a look that has dominated for a decade (sorry, Gen Z).

"It's an iconic hairstyle that rarely reproduces well," Maine said of Aguilera's multitonal look. "The kind of precision and choppiness of the cut and extensions helped give it a bit of an edge."

The crimper may have climbed into the ' 80s, but it held up through the early aughts as evidence of Tyra (and her smize).

Brandy's contributions to prom styles in the millennium are indescribable. Case in point: This gorgeous upswept braz bun looks perfect for the occasion.

She flirted with pink, blue, and even brunette, but Gwen's blonde bleach was one of the most iconic hair colors of the time (it even got the attention of Martin Scorcese, who gave him the role of Jean Harlow in The Aviator).

The rapper made his signature short haircut even more of a statement look by dyeing shades like lavender and red to match his red carpet look.

Keri's haircut during season 2 of Felicity caused ratings to plummet, as well as the actual death threat. However, mentally, his character is going through a breakup (who’s not there?), And also, he looks great!

The megastar wore her hair in countless styles, but her long, Destiny ' s Child-era waves set the tone for her look for years to come.

Don't pull your Bump-It out of storage. , said Maine. "The poof won't come back anytime soon," he said, however, "Pulling the peripheral area a bit smoother is a great way to modernize this look and add some more totality to the crown area."

"The piece of bangs with some half-hairs is definitely back In style," Maine said, adding that she would leave "additional peek-a-boo braids" back in 2000.

Apparently the every celeb wears this gravity -defying blow -out -need extra layered hair. Also, a moment of appreciation for the little Gabrielle Union has changed since this photo, from the 2001 NAACP Image Awards was taken.

For a brief moment in the early aghts, Farrah Fawcett's iconic hairdo returned to style. Of course, Gisele released the aplomb.

This particular shade of dark red hair color only existed in the years 1999-2002. We don’t make the rules!

Along with her impossible low-rise jeans, Brit's love of headwear became one of her most popular style trademarks.

Is this the f uture he sees? With a few slight styling adjustments, Raven’s Louis Vuitton logo scarf is just as in-demand today.

LiLo was blamed for all our questionable side bangs in 2003. Maine said it was really a great style move: “I think side bangs are on the horizon of so many kids. woman who cuts curtain bangs recently, "predicts the hairstylist, who added that" The best way to grow them is by mixing them with a small side bang. "

The waves of OC during Mischa will raise Marissa Cooper. “This wavy texture is back in full force,” Maine said. "The best way to modernize it a little bit is by using a skepticism with a [barrel] that's slightly larger than the one Mischa used."

Next, keep the early flashback of the aughts that included the fashion trends of 2000 that would wear it all year .

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