23 Long Leather Jackets Approved by Both Runway and Mom

23 Long Leather Jackets Approved by Both Runway and Mom

My mom discovered a fashion trend without even trying. In anticipation of winter in Chicago, my mom and I were always together shopping for a coat to try on her new warm jacket. We ripped off Michigan Avenue, going to each store in an extra 15 minutes. The same thing happens in every store: I pull out funky bombers and crop puffers my mom shakes, and she reaches for a knee-length jacket.

“Come on, Mom. Why not this? ” I will say, handing over a leather bomber that I secretly hoped he would like so I could "borrow" it from his closet.

He informed me for the 97th time that he would not wear any jacket that was not perfect which covered him. butt. I remind him of his great physique, which is probably due to weekly pilates and five mile running daily. In turn, he told me that wasn’t the point and don’t push it. "I will wear a short coat the same day you wear a long one," was his last word on the matter.

In my defense, I tried to wear a long coat. But every long puffer made me feel like an elongated walking marshmallow, every trench coat made me feel like a private investigator in hiding, and every wool coat made me feel like I was trapped in a blanket. Then one night, as I was wearing my favorite leather jacket to go out, I was struck: long leather jackets.

Although I still don ' t understand my mother ' s rule of not wearing short-coats, I will say I'll get it. behind his long coat looks. Long leather coats are the perfect jacket for winter. They are smooth, subtle, and have the right amount of shape. The leather isn’t too heavy, and the extra length adds a lot of heat. And after a long search online, I found so many options that I see my mom and myself wearing. Below, I’ve rounded up 21 long leather jackets to take you through the winter. (And Mom, if you’re reading this, it’s your turn now to try the leather bomber.)

Vegan leather and faux fur? I guess that means I can buy it with a clear conscience.

Aside from one side, we broke it with this jacket.

Care: Like you reduce the size because it is a men ' s jacket.

it counts.

Fully alive for this leather-on-leather moment.
Fully alive for this leather-on-leather moment this.

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The brown skin is very in. what this world needs.

If you're going to wear a trench, at least make it leather. ]
Someone put me in this cot, and you leave me alone.

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I'm really a fan of jeans with this.

Patent-leather coat the kai langan ng nanay ko. ]

This is basically a leather puffer bathrobe.

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This belted jacket pays more attention to form.
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with this color.

Rhombus quilting makes this coat-man approved. ] FYI, “shirt jacket” means two styles for the price of one.

If I had to wear a pantsuit to work, this would be my suit jacket.

I know it's a bit long, but technically it covers your butt, so we can call it long.
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Since this trench is 100% leather, it is definitely worth the investment.

Sorry. I had to.

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