24 Products That Really Make Your Hair Thick

24 Products That Really Make Your Hair Thick

In general, when it comes to hair there seems to be one main thing people want from their fibers: thickness. In fact, when friends and family reach out to me with hair -related queries, they often ask what are the best products for thin hair . I’ll be honest, even if I adore a good volumizing product hair thickness I’m not really concerned about. While my individual fibers are fine, they are rough in texture and there are many of them; I’m more likely to try products that promise hair hydration or strand-sleeking results than anything that thickens hair. Until last year, that was.

After having my first child, I experienced a lot of talk about postpartum hair loss, and what a severity it was. After enjoying thicker, shiny hair while pregnant, I was shocked to see so much hair lost to me every day after having my son-and I say this as someone who has shed fair hair on a normal day. [19659002]

"On a daily basis, we lose an average of 100 hairs a day, so don ' t worry if you see hair in the sink and plug hole," said Adam Reed, UK Editorial Ambassador for L ' Oréal Professional. "There are three main stages of hair growth and the process is different for everyone. Some people see a faster or slower cycle which means the sprinkling of each may be different over time. However, if you’re starting to see visible thinning, such as the ability to see the scalp through hair you haven’t done before, or any patches around the hairline, it’s time to consult your GP or a trichologist to investigate further. “I’m honest, the hair loss I experienced really knocked my confidence. For many of us, our hair is so intrinsically tied to our identity that any unexpected changes can be tricky. While my hair rotation has returned to normal, I still get tight hair length, sparse patches, and an overall thin head of hair feeling. So, to say that I spent quite a bit of time chatting with hair experts about the issue would be a small statement. Up front, I have tips from five famous stylists and hair experts on how to make even the thinnest hair look great and their recommendations for the best product for thin hair.

It won't be long now until hair salons reopen and while it may sound out of place to talk about hair removal when you’re fighting thickness, salon owner and A-list organizer George Northwood swears by what he calls a “micro-trim”. “Just getting the most minutes ends in your hair every six weeks can help hair look thicker and healthier,” Northwood says. "I also advise to keep the hair thin to a length. Ideally a short, shoulder length bob or any kind of blunt style can create a thicker, fuller look. If you will have a great look base for styling and adding volume. "

There is a time and place for chemist shampoos but if you are really looking for thin hair then it may be time to move on to a higher end formula. “Introducing a high-quality shampoo into your hair care regime can really change how your hair looks every day,” Northwood explains. "If you have fine or thin hair you can see that the product makes up for it and weigh it. This is why I created Undone by George Northwood Unpolluted Shampoo. It's a weekly detox that gently strips the hair and scalp of any build- up and leave you with a clean slate. ”agrees Kuldeep Knox, founder of Chāmpo Haircare. "It's important to use the right products depending on your hair type and don't use a generic shampoo and conditioner. You'll see better results if you use something specially formulated for thinner hair."

Known for their thick treatment, RevitaLash replaced their hair with this fast -selling new launch. It uses clinically proven technology to protect hair from breakage, thicken thin hair and exfoliate your scalp for improved hair health in general.

A detoxifying shampoo for clean, lightweight fiber that is not burdened with product.

This brand’s bestseller is specially formulated for fine hair that may experience thinning or loss.

A deep cleansing shampoo that provides natural volume boost to the veins.

Obviously many of us will go for texting sprays and volume boosting toddlers when wanting to create the effect of thick that looks hairy, but experts agree that's not always the best move. “Usually with finer hair, we look for products for volume and body but these products usually make the hair stiff, dry, and coarse,” explains celebrity hairdresser and Color Wow Ambassador, James Johnson. "While it gives the illusion that the hair strand is fuller, the long -term [these products] actually has the opposite effect on our hair." Instead, Johnson suggested choosing a gentle formulation. "With fine hair that is more delicate and fragile, we want to groom towards our hair while still achieving completion and bounce."

"The technology in it was specifically developed to solve the problem of flat, lifeless hair without any hardness or damage," Johnson explains. . "The special formula allows the hair to move and remain brushable while keeping it bouncy and full throughout the day, meaning it's my destination for any client but especially anyone with fine hair."

This innovative spray coats every hair fiber with a luster that invigorates goodness to create the illusion of full body hair while caring for its condition.

Several sprays are needed for this root lift to create lasting volume. In fact, the brand says it offers levels of scaffolding support for the hair fiber to leave it raised and with a strong grip.

This lightweight serum not only makes your hair appear fuller but actually thicker each fiber by targeting the stem cells and human fibroblasts to increase hair thickness and volume, which increases blood flow to the scalp. Sounds complicated but just massage it through wet or dry hair and let it work.

When you find a hair routine that works for you, it can be tempting to stick with it. But hair experts agree that thin fibers can benefit from more than just a wardrobe of hair products to choose from. “Hair goes through a growth cycle: an active stage where there is a lot of activity, a resting phase, and then a stage where old hair comes out and is generally replaced with a new hair,” explains Jimmy Green. , Head of Education for Redken and Pureology. "When we have changes in our diet or we take medication or we go through menopause, the most common place we see changes is inside our hair and skin. So, when new hair has passed it can appear to be vary in color, texture, or diameter.It is a normal process to go through why working with a prescription brand can benefit you.When hair changes, so does the way you take care of it.It changes It is recommended to change your shampoos and rely on the condition of your hair at any time. "

This new launch takes a Full circle approach to hair health and ideal if you are suddenly dealing with increased hair loss or brittle, thin fibers. It works together to establish hair strength and restore the balance of your hair for healthier fibers.

I have proven the difference adding this cult product to your hair routine makes. I started using it once a week before shampooing as normal and my hair feels stronger and thicker.

Filled with amino acids, this strengthening conditioner works to thicken the look of your hair as well as detangle and nourish.

This leave treatment strengthens your hair to support hair growth and leave it stronger and with a silky finish.

Dom Seeley, International Creative Director at Color Wow and hairstylist such as Jessica Alba and Kendall Jenner suggests using a root-concealing product "to Thickens the look of your hair in the root and scalp area by coloring and shading in areas where your hair may be finer. ”This is a low-maintenance way to create the illusion of thicker hair without having to book in to the salon for a full color change. Genius.

"Root Cover Up is a multi-pigmented mineral powder that comes in a choice of eight shades," Seeley explains. "It doesn't look inky or chalky because the pigments inside the formula provide a multi-tonal finish."

Just spray it on the roots to cover any messy patches or gray hair. It boosts the volume at the same time.

Not only does this brush applicator be really easy to apply but the color actually lasts up to 3 washes.

A light cloud that throws makeup pigments exactly where you want it then wash with clean shampoo. ]
Leaving your hair to dry-air may be the most attractive, low-maintenance hair hack, but if you have thin hair then that means you miss your main chance to add volume to your style. “It’s important to work to build volume and body before it has a chance to dry flat and appear thinner,” Reed explains. "When adding body, dry hair in moderate heat and low wind speed in sections, lifting from the roots before moving to the mid-shaft and ending for maximum volume and control."

This powerful hairdryer adds body and bounces to thin hair as it dries.

This lightweight spray is a hairstylist's secret-always in the backstage kit thanks to the volume locking method without any hint of residue or immobility. It is heat powered so do not apply it to your hair before you dry it.

This lotion helps to lock your blow-dry in place so ' t all that volume-promoting effort is will not fall immediately upon your departure from home.

This innovative hairbrush features ceramic and ionic properties that allow even heat distribution and a bouncier blow-dry.

Although the side separations were recently burned out from Gen Z that TikTok declared they were done, I have always been slightly on an isolation switch -up and hair experts think this styling trick is quite a power shift when it comes to showing thinner hair that looks fuller. “[Drying your hair] was also a good time to play in isolation,” Reed said. "Avoid a medial parting to help the hair look thicker and fuller. Once the hair is dried, I like to use a texture spray."

"The L ' Oréal Professionnel Tecni.ART Super Dust adds a raw, natural texture and lift to the hair," Reed says. .

A long-tail comb is your best friend when it comes to creating a side parting.

My volumising spray option – it delivers rise and height like no other.


A mineral -rich formula that creates a lightweight texture even the flattest of hair. This post originally appeared on Who What Wear UK. Next, 5 Hair Colors That Don’t Make Thin Hair Any Favors — and 5 That Perfectly Do

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