31 Trendy Nordstrom Items That Are Just Different

31 Trendy Nordstrom Items That Are Just Different

Everyone knows that Nordstrom is our home base for the pieces that stick to our wardrobes. I’m talking about the leggings we wear to every yoga class, the ankle boots we wear to death, and the tees and tanks we pull on regularly. While there is no closet that feels complete without those who can’t talk (they are called essentials for a reason), now, I need to turn your attention to the [trendypieces provided by retailers today as well.

Every cuttuous cut, rich knit set, and smooth piece of leather I've found lately surprises me in a way that no simple basis can do. Sorry, not sorry! These pieces really satisfied my itch to be loaded with major trends coming out of the pipeline this fall and since I know you’re interested in seeing what comes out a little in my heart, I compile a list of stylish Nordstrom shopping picks that do just that. Keep scrolling to fill all the stylish goodness that awaits you.

Balenciaga City Bag icon fans have a new 2021 update to fascinate everyone .

I didn't know I needed a leather puffer in my life until this time.

The perfect summer-to-fall top.

If you ask me, matching pants is required.

Fresh boots for fall.


Why bored?

Get ready for the freight trend to take over this fall.

Complicated in the best way.

Counting the days up to the leather era.

This dress with a pair of leather boots with knees would be perfect fall.

Easy and cool.

Big "Italian grandpa" vibes.

A conversation starter.

Wear it as a top or layer it with a white T-shirt à la Olivia Rodrigo.

Dressing in leather may be my favorite trend of all time.


I have something for sweater-vests now-can you tell?

I've been looking at them since they came out last fall, and I know they're really good.

This shoe wrote the playbook on how to fake an expensive looking outfit.

A modern blazer is supposed to fall.

LBD but add a little * spice *.

The good kind of weird.

Basic but certainly not boring.

Viv of Cottagecore.

I predict we'll see a lot of flare jeans this fall.

Fresh ankle boots, anyone?

I don't know if I'm cool enough to wear them, but I'll definitely try.

Did I convince you that you need a sweater -vest yet?

The high version of this classic Birkenstock clog is everything.

You're leaving in this perfect top to wear jeans. Okay bye!

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