42 Pictures of Cute Pets (and Their Celeb Parents) Smiling at Us

42 Pictures of Cute Pets (and Their Celeb Parents) Smiling at Us

Let's talk about pets!

With so much going on in the world, sometimes you have to force yourself to relax. I know I do. So on my "break," I decided to turn off the TV, turn off Twitter, and scroll through thousands of Instagram posts looking at celebrities and their pets. The mindless activity that was entertaining (okay, along with some yoga stretches and essential oils ) helped me relax, clean my head, and truly appreciate the unconditional love that comes from caring for an animal.

Whether or not you have a pet at home to keep you company, it's probably safe to say that crazy animals are something everyone enjoys on the internet now and again. And if you’re looking for something warm and discreet to get along with, now is a great time to groom a cat or dog from your local residence.

So take a deep breath, and scroll to see 42 sweet photos of celebrities with their adorable pets.

Selena Gomez with dog Winnie

Emily Ratajkowski with dog Colombo

Busy Philipps with the dog Gina Linetti

Taylor Swift with the cat Benjamin

Ashley Tisdale with dogs Ziggy and Sushi

Jennifer Aniston and dog Clyde

Ashley Benson and dog Olivia

Cara Delevingne with dogs Olivia and Walter

Gigi Hadid with cat Cleo

Chrissy Teigen wit h dog Paul

Kate Hudson with dog Wally

Oprah with dog Sadie

Lana Condor with dog Emmy

Olivia Munn with dogs Chance and Frankie

Michelle Obama with dogs Bo and Sunny

Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi with dog Kid

Hilary Duff with dogs Izzy and Momo

Kat Dennings at cat Millie

Kendall Jenner and dog Pyro

Reese Witherspoon with dogs Lou and Pepper

Ni cole Kidman at aso Julian

Zoë Kravitz and Dog Scout

Miley Cyrus and Dog Bean
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Candice Bergen and dog Bruce

Justin Bieber and dog Oscar

Simone Biles with dogs Lilo and Atlas

Kim Kardashian West with dogs Sushi and Soba

Jessica Chastain with dog Chaplin

Kesha with cat Carl


Lucy Hale and dog Elvis

Kristen Bell and dog Triscuit

Caitriona Balfe with cat Eddie


Martha Stewart with dogs Quin, Peluche, Bette Noir, and Creme Brûlée

Amanda Seyfried and Dog Finn

Gwendoline Christie with the dog of Marc Jacobs, Neville

Hailey Bieber with cats Sushi and Tuna

Jonathan Van Ness with cats Larry, Liza, Lady G, and Matilda

Drew Barrymore with the cats Lucky, Peach, and Fern

D ebby Ryan with dog Jim

Yara Shahidi with dog Win

Nicole Richie with Lizard Speedy

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