5 Fall Accessory Trends That Are Outdated and 5 Trendy Items We Like Instead

5 Fall Accessory Trends That Are Outdated and 5 Trendy Items We Like Instead

We’ve been highlighting fall trends over the last few weeks to help you get ready for the upcoming season—from the denim looks that will be popular to the micro-trends that will enter the spotlight. During this process, we’ve also been sorting through everything to uncover the specific trends we personally want to mix into our rotations.

On the accessory front, there are actually five specific pieces we’re all about. On the flip side, there are also a few items that we’re not as into because of their somewhat outdated nature. Of course, remember that you should always wear whatever you love, no matter what anyone says. If you’re interested in accessory inspiration, keep scrolling to check out the trendy items we’re going to invest in for fall. There’s also a smattering of shopping recommendations if something does in fact catch your eye.

“I don’t think that lug-sole boots are completely outdated—I will certainly be wearing mine this fall. But the ones with really chunky platform tread soles feel very specific to F/W 21 to me, and I think many of us are craving something a little sleeker. I’ve noticed a lot of very clean riding boots coming out for fall, and they’ll never be outdated.”

“Puffy bags have a cool Insta-worthy appeal, and I loved them on the runways, but I can’t say it’s a trend I’ll personally be adopting. Instead, the new bag shape I’m excited to try is the modern hobo, like the sleek ones from YSL and The Row that the fashion crowd is already wearing.”

“Ever since last fall and well into this spring, we’ve seen ruched shoes on runways and RTW collections everywhere. And while the detail on this accessory at first felt like a special take on our go-to mules, heels, and even flat slides, its quick domination has left it feeling rather dull. One fall trend, though, that’s feeling livelier than ever is the wrap-heel trend. Yes, it’s extra, and no, it’s not nearly as approachable as ruching, but it’s the kind of energy I’m trying to embrace for the fall. Plus, it’s been spotted on Rihanna, so you know it’s a vibe.”

“Fanny packs certainly aren’t going anywhere. In fact, I still have a style I like for running errands. That said, I’m feeling tote bags this season. We saw structured silhouettes in the collections, and I’m ready to invest in a fresh pick for fall.”

“This isn’t to say my ankle boots won’t have a place in my closet—because they will—but there’s something about tall legged boots that make a statement. I’ll definitely be gravitating a little more toward a taller silhouette for my fall looks. I especially love how they pair with skirts and dresses.”

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