5 Minimalist Influencers Told Me What They Want To Wear This Summer

5 Minimalist Influencers Told Me What They Want To Wear This Summer

Lately, there's been a lot of talk about dressing up happily, and I've been riding on this feeling. After more than a year of being pretty much in lockdown and wearing joggers, it’s only natural that we’re excited towards bright pops of color and fun patterns in being reintroduced as butterflies in society for dinners, brunches and the bar. But we must not ignore the basics that continue to form the staple of our wardrobes – joy can be found in many guises. We know from our own intel at Who What Wear that the pieces that tend to sell best are basics like white tees black dresses and vest tops, which can be said to be bread and butter of our wardrobes in the summer.

I turned to five of my favorite people to follow the IG who are notorious for their more walled-back wardrobes. Each has their own unique style, but the key is they all have an eye for what makes a really good major . Here, everyone told me what they got on their wish list for the coming season. Whether it’s a great suit of shorts or a cut-off T-shirt, all of the following pieces can be described in one word: chic. So if minimalism suits you or you just want some inspiration on how to update your basics, keep scrolling.

This former PR girl is one of our go-tos for getting minimalist inspiration. Jess Skye often sees street pieces that look more expensive than their price tags (a really sweet spot if you ask us) and also mixes it up with some expensive labels.

[194590169] [194590169]

If you are looking for an elevated fit in a rotation, I always recommend Renata Jaz, who named @venswifestyle on Instagram. Elegant and always chic.

[194590269] [194590269]

Easily one of the coolest people on Instagram, Abi Omole has eyes that are unparalleled. Whether it’s the interior picks he finds for his studio or his knowledge of pairing cool basics together, we’ll always come back to his feed for inspiration.

[194590369] [194590369]

The lawyer of the day Lorna was a purveyor of great basics. Recently, she proved how cool a pair of Prada loafers are with so many pants, from white jeans to stirrup leggings. We always go to her page for corporate-but-stylish inspiration.

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has a perfect classic wardrobe. But let us not be mistaken. While she relies on white shirts, jeans and black shoes, her style is nothing but boring. Thanks to his clever way of placing his pieces, you will find there is new life to breathe in your own staple.


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