7 Beauty Tips I Learned From Taraji P. Henson in Under 10 Minutes

7 Beauty Tips I Learned From Taraji P. Henson in Under 10 Minutes

You probably knew Taraji P. Henson as the veteran actress was praised for her brilliant performance depicting the exciting mathematician Katherine Johnson in Hidden Pictures or the fiction -think, rebellious matriarch Cookie Lyon in Fox's Empire. His acting chops are undisputed-that's just the truth. But if you follow Henson on social media or pay attention to his red carpet release, you may have noticed another strength of his: He’s seriously daring when it comes to his hair . A self-proclaimed hair chameleon, Henson has curled up in braids, bobs curls, and more vibrant hair colors than anyone in Hollywood who hasn’t decisive. He makes it easy, but as he told Who What Wear in a recent exclusive interview, it’s not always like this.

"When I moved to Hollywood, I had to start wearing braids because Hollywood didn't accept women's Black natural hair," she explains. "But, you know, you don ' t just put a weave in your hair and say, ' that &#39 ;. Sometimes a weave works better than a natural one because you wash two different hairs; you wash a weave. the hair and you have to go down under all that and fit into your own scalp and hair. ”And what happened when he couldn’t find products that met this need? He created a haircut line, Taraji’s TPH based on formulas he created for himself in his kitchen.

"I didn't see anything out there that addressed it to my needs, so like Black people when we were deprived or we didn't have something, we created it," he said. A year and a few changes to travel and Henson is an absolute maven of beauty. She recently added a new extension to her product line, prompting a call from her customers for styling moisturizing products. But outside of her own line, Henson has a whole host of hair and beauty tips that she cursed for keeping her look and feeling her best as she started with a brand new, her 50s. Keep scrolling to see the seven genius tips we learned from him in under 10 minutes.

"I love healthy hair. I've always been about healthy hair and scalp since I was little," Henson told us. She remembers sitting in her aunt’s garage while a child scratches her cousin’s scalp and first makes her sit around the kitchen table at her grandmother’s house. But because of the transition to natural hair (she was early on the curve — a hairstylist in the set of her 2001 film Baby Boy encouraged her to be natural), she learned the importance of adequate moisture. "My hair is always lacking in moisture. I need to have moisture; I need to have it," she says of her 4c type of hair that is prone to dryness and severe shrinkage. The new offerings are equipped with natural ingredients such as coconut oil, mango seed butter, and pequi oil for soft and smooth fibers.


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Above all, Henson knows that scalp care is similar to, if not more important, than anything you put in length of your hair. That’s why he launched his brand with a range of products specifically made for the scalp. “Taraji’s TPH is literally based on a healthy scalp,” he said. "I'm in the kitchen; I created that! Baby, no one enters the jar or the shelf until it goes through Virgo's veins," he laughed.

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No one is excluded from, not even the biggest stars in Hollywood. And with the increased time spent at home over the past year, Henson has acquired some new beauty skills. "Call me crazy, but I want to do the romance cycle myself. I do, I'm really happy; it's healing," he said. "I have music that I pour a little wine on and I take my time." And if you’re wondering where Henson took this skill, you might be surprised to hear that he taught himself by watching YouTube videos! “I learned how to make nails, cut hair, all this,” she said. We source a captivating queen.

When it comes to his changing hair color, Henson admits he is not afraid of a home dye job. "Because I've been natural, I can play with color. You know how many times I've put my hair out playing with color because I have perm in my hair? And who knows I can just grow perm," she said. by "The harmful process, or where you can go wrong is bleaching your hair. I can do it myself. I won't do anything else because I'm not a technician, but if I were someone else, I'd just say you get the your hair is professionally lifted. ”She told us her favorite home hair dye is Adore’s semi-permanent offering that fades after a few washes. "It's like Kool-Aid; rinse it off, put it back on, and that's how I played with a lot of different colors."

If there’s one recurring lesson we’ve continued to experience over the years, it’s that aging is a process that seems strange to everyone. A newly mnt 50-year-old, Henson has had his fair share of aging surprises, including some unexpected changes to his hair. “I feel like my hair is thickening,” she said. "My mom the same way. Many of her sisters are losing their hair and her hair is getting thicker. Yeah, I'm honored and blessed. I'm not complaining.

OK, so Henson didn't say it exactly, but he certainly showed it. We saw his comedic acting time on the big screen, but his behavior during our chat is as fun.joke and not afraid to let out a crying laugh with something really tickling him.Maybe there are plastic surgeons out there who might argue that laughter is caused by skin lines, but if you ask us , a happy spirit is the key to stopping the clock. Be happy, dang it!

Henson knows better than anyone how big a day is of washing work for Black women. But her purpose in life and through her haircare brand is to move the narrative to the day of washing. "It's a process, but what I want to do and what I hope is to change e the narrative and not do it about beinga activities. I want to be about self-care," he told us. "You know, you go to a salon for a facial, and they have 10 things they put on your face before they tapped you on the back and said go. And the zest you feel. We have to do the same thing for our hair; treat our hair the same way as everyone else. That's what I expect because for me, I expect to wash the sun! I put on my music, I have my essential oils that I put on my diffuser, and while I’m under washing with my hair mask I have paraffin wax with little warm booties and I’m enjoying it. ”Now, it feels like an absolute dream.

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