7 Fall Trends I'm Not Waiting For Another Second Shopping

7 Fall Trends I'm Not Waiting For Another Second Shopping

A fun fact about me is that I have never been more relaxed. Okay, maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but viral TikTok audio is the perfect way to describe my shopping habits today. You might think I’m not here to admit it, but I’m eager to start planning my fall wardrobe . I know, I know-we’re only halfway through the summer, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel tired of talking and shopping for warmer weather. It may only be mid -July, but you can’t blame me for looking ahead to fall dressing.

Sure, it's still early for fall shopping but vendors from Mango to Moda Operandi have already started dropping next season's items in their sections of Newly arrived. And you can bet I’m all over them. So whether you ' re jumping the gun on fall shopping like me or simply craving something fresh to look at, I have just the edit for you. Today, I’m highlighting seven trends in early fall — from clogs to knitted rows to the next outgoing piece —which will appear at the time of a few months and you can start shopping for now. When trends are good, why wait?

These printed cow clogs have been on my wish list for a while now, so the fall of 2021 may be the moment that will finally last I am the plunge.

Of course, here's Zara with an affordable (and easy-to-wear) option.

These classic clogs may have started at all, but they haven't become a trend yet.

This smooth and high retrieval is very nice.

To wear casual jeans, printed clothing, and everything in between.

I ' I’m not the only Who What Wear editor wondering about this perfect leather topper.

I haven't thought bomber jackets were stylish in a while, but this leather v ersion feels super now.

Chances are I'll be splurging on this piece. Just look at those buttons!

A sleek and sophisticated take on a classic leather jacket.

If you look closely, you will notice metal clips interspersed with Jacquemus.

Because Paris Georgia can't do wrong.

Emily Ratajkowski wore this top, and most have sold out ever since.

I look forward to seeing many releases that look like autumn is coming.

Aya Muse does the cool basics that fashion insiders are obsessed with.

This is the hip cutout for me.

How attractive is this color?


I see the shape of this skirt everywhere and guess it's great for fall.

It comes in a few other fall -ready colors, but black is just super classic.

Love when the most comfortable choice is also the chicest.

When it works for summer and fall.

All in detial.

I'm here for a bit of ankle slouch.

Perfect pants don't exaggerate–

By a pair of versatile pants, you can just forget the entirety of your jeans.


Eyes to heart.

This is the knot strap for me.

I have it in pink, and I wear it so often I may need a black version as well.

I love you!

It makes a cool tote at work or gym.

Style it with loose pants and slide up to la Kendall Jenner.

Frankie Shop is doing this again.

Wear it with loafers like the model.

Don't miss the pants match.

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