8 Self-Care Rituals Everything Everything From Wellness Arrangements to Human-Taught Fashion

8 Self-Care Rituals Everything Everything From Wellness Arrangements to Human-Taught Fashion

Last week, my husband walked over to me going into town on my legs using a rolling pin. Surprisingly, the run-in didn't elicit an eye roll — all I got was an eyebrow-raising puzzle and an "excuse me." I think he’s been with me enough — and walked me through tons — tons of weird products and tools — to learn not to ask and just support me in my endless quest to find products I listen to. I often turn to things like makeup and skincare to find balance and satisfaction during the stressful times of my life. Some people may turn to baking or documentaries of real crime. Even podcasts! I’m not here to judge, just to look to see how other people practice self-care at weird times.

That’s exactly why I tapped THE / THIRTY’s managing editor and wellness Sarah Yang and the very fashionable and obsessed with beauty content creator Valeria Lipovetsky to share their insights on what self-care really means to them and the rituals they have begun to perform over the past year. The new collection of Victoria ' s Secret Natural Beauty Body Care —inspired by nature and derived from four different fragrances as well as benefits — turns the pick-me-up unknown to any of them. that they need. From exfoliating scrubs to creamy washes, here are the products they look for when they need some R&R.

"Self -care means something different to me depending on my mood and needs. Sometimes it's a date night with my husband; sometimes it's a bath. , face masks, and reading (without children disturbing!); and other times it was the deeper, lasting work of meditation.Throughout the pandemic, I made a more conscious effort to be kind to myself and listen to my needs every day. "

" Recently, I've been taking care of myself and leaning on my feminine energy! It’s the most peaceful feeling to bathe with candles, music, and a bunch of indecisive products.I usually start my work with this creamy body wash, which is all you need to isa: moisturiz ing with shea butter as you cleanse and smell wonderful. "

" I may be hesitant about trying new scrubs because they can be abrasive, but I haven't found that in this rich sugar scrub . Seems like the perfect amount of exfoliation. It uses walnut shell powder and makes your skin feel fresh and clean without it being too much. "

" I tend to use this lotion at the end of my bath or shower routine. It’s lightweight, leaving my skin super soft, and when I rub it in gently, it really brings a bit of a spa experience to my home. "

" My favorite way to use mist lately has been to spray it around my room when I come home from work and I just need a few minutes. Sometimes I open a meditation, other times I just sit in silence, but the rest of the lavender and vanilla relaxes me. "

" Self- care has always been important to me, but it became especially important during a pandemic. We all have to deal with stress, some more than others, and I think one of the most important lessons we’ve learned over the past year is how important it is to take care of your mental health. Because so many things are withheld or canceled, life seems a bit slower, and I think many of us are really forced to sit down and deal with our emotions without anything interrupting. I have learned to respect my feelings and not be so hard on myself. I really tried to make my winding de-stressing routine a priority, especially when I felt like I was on fire. "

" Washing cream is very gentle and soothes the skin. Shower or bath time can be a great way to take care of yourself, so I ' t really try to clear my mind during it and use that moment to relax. The refreshing scent helps me do just that! “

“ I like to exfoliate at least once a week, so I usually incorporate the exfoliating scrub into one of my shower times I apply it slowly- slowly, so I can actually exfoliate the dead skin cells. My skin always feels super soft and smooth when I get out of the shower! "

" My skin can be really dry, so I don ' t always apply lotion. I like to use this one after I take a bath or shower when my skin is still wet to lock in moisture. I make it a point to apply it slowly because it is more relaxing and feels like a spa experience. I also feel refreshed when I use it all day, especially when my skin feels super dry. The texture is creamy but not too heavy or slippery. "

" I love to use mist frag frag around my house, on my pillows, or even on my throwing blanket. Feels like a nice little refreshing treat! "

Stress? This coconut milk and rose scented lotion will do the trick. This calming duo of fragrance will not only calm you down , but the creamy, hydrating formula will also keep your skin looking and feeling soft and smooth.

Body wash that slimms and cleanses the skin at the same time.

This sugar-rich scrub gently exfoliates the skin, leaving it looking soft and smooth.

For a quick and easy pick-me-up of the afternoon, spritz it to calm your senses.

When you feel out of balance, this pomegranate and lotus scented lotion or will help you feel renewed. Translated with shea butter and coconut oil, the formula offers serious moisture, and the latent scent lasts all day.

A creamy shea-butter-infuse body wash that will hydrate your skin in just one wash.

This exfoliating scrub is made of walnut shell powder and will exfoliate dead skin cells without irritation.

Strengthen your spirit by spraying it on yourself or around your home.

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