9 Beauty Editors Told Me Something They Add to Their Fall Routines

9 Beauty Editors Told Me Something They Add to Their Fall Routines

Autumn is the perfect time to refresh your beauty routine. As the temps drop, our wardrobes become more comfortable and there’s the feeling of “new year entrance” in the air. And while a complete Home Edit – style overhaul can sometimes be fixed, often just one product change can refresh your entire routine. But with so many options out there it helps to have some professional guidance. So who better to share their favorite products for the season than the very people who first tried them for a living? I tapped beauty editors from Elle Harper ' s Bazaar Real Simple [0196] and yourself has really helped [0196]5) to share the products they most look forward to this season. From new launches to old favorites they’re rediscovering, you’re guaranteed to find your new destination on this list. Read on to shop for their fall must -haves and find out why they think you’ll love them too.

“Tarte’s Maracuja Juicy Lip was a total sleeper hit for the brand, and I’m on a mission to change that. is very specific to lipsticks and glosses, but this formula covers the perfect hybrid between pigment, hydration, and shine.I have found myself telling everyone about it lately and I have even one shade (in nine) in my bag all the time. Everything I've said about Juicy Lip reports back that they both love it — when you know it's good! " -DeSantis

"Autumn is all about beauty transition. The gorgeous foliage is changing and so is my routine. I left the summer without makeup, lip gloss, and worked a little harder with moody. Creamy reds and pinks. My favorite lip and cheek (and all really — sometimes I put it on my eyes as a shadow!) is the Rouje Lip Palette Les 4 Rouje Cream. The colors are like the perfect list of red wine — you I have rosé pink to deep, full-bodied red. It's super creamy and blendable and makes me more touched up for any fall pleasures that come out (drinking wine). " – Hall

"Right now, I really like Topicals Slick Salve, a multitasking balm that dissolves into the skin, so it doesn't feel much thicker and sticky than standard petrolatum -based ointment formulas. I've been using it. on my lips, cuticles, to hold my eyebrows in place — even as a shimmer-free highlighter on my cheeks and brow bones for a super glowy, hydrated look.It’s a castor-seed and coconut oil base with spikes with peptides and amino acids for a truly multi-benefit treatment, simultaneously moisturizing, soothing, and protecting the skin and making it perfect for transitioning into the colder months. And I like that it comes in a very good design that is slim but durable compact that is also refillable. ” -Saltzman

"I've been all about wearing bold and pigmented color along my lash line all year, and I love this liner from Anastasia Beverly Hills. I'm alternating between of deep blue and violet shades this fall. The creamy formula glides on without pulling, making it easy to create sharp and precise lines that last. " -Quartet

"It wins by default because it's the only thing I use right now. Let me explain: I'm talking about an annoying case of perioral dermatitis, which is a skin condition triggered by any things from changing the weather to a new product and causing red lumps around the nose and mouth.The best thing to do is just use a gentle face wash and moisturizer until it goes away, but as a beauty editor, you have to I just looked for a product for it.First, I tried my son's diaper rash cream — yes, really.Zinc oxide immediately soothed the irritation, but I also looked mime.So I switched to this balm, with a soothing combo of zinc, vitamin B5, and oatmeal and can really be applied. Now it's the lone star in my skincare ' routine '. " -Lavinthal

“I’ve had the privilege of talking to Michelle Phan in my career, and she’s one of the smartest people I know (ask her about Bitcoin) but also makes incredible b eauty products that are deliberately ingredients and packaging.I love a glowing eye, especially during the holidays, and this creamy formula is my new go-to.It’s a bit far, so if I want a subtle shimmer, apply me a bit with my fingers.To supplement this, I will use a damp makeup brush.It is a very good base for dramatic smoky eyes, but it is colored enough to wear on its own. " – Yaptangco

"I recently started using Jennifer Aniston's Lolavie Glossing Detangler, and it gave new life to my hair. I'm obsessed! As the weather gets colder, my hair can dry out and curl. I put it on. mist after shower and before heat styling.My hair is soft and healthy and looks very shiny the rest of the day.It also smells amazing.It was a small step that made a big difference in my health hair. " – Rosenstein

"Despite the brand name, I can't wait to incorporate Summer Fridays Moisturizer into my skincare routine for fall. I have oily skin, so I often skip the moisturizer step in favor of a moisturizing sunscreen. in my regime, but now that the temperature is dropping, my skin needs a moisturizer that is light enough to keep my skin oily but thick enough to keep my skin hydrated throughout the day against the dry winter New York's climate. This cream-gel hybrid couldn't be more perfect. " – Blay

"I enjoy most of the products from Haus Laboratories, but I was particularly moved when I saw the Love for Sale palette. I can always trust that if anyone makes pigmented shadows that don't move, it is Lady Gaga, and this new release didn ' t fail.Although all 18 shades are impressive (some are even named after Gaga and Tony Bennett ' s favorite singers, such as Etta James and Amy Winehouse), it’s an extra-special shade, Do I Love You, that serves as a cherry-on-top sparkle shimmer to any look.In other words, expect me to use it on every occasion, and not occasion , from now until 2022 — or at least until his next palette comes out. " – Sasso

My turn! T3 ' s new two-in-one blowout brush might finally be the thing that can motivate me to style my hair. (The sound you hear is my mom having fun.) It has both round and wide brush heads and has a variety of heat and speed options so you always have control over your appearance. And even though I know exactly zero styling techniques, I’m super impressed with how easy it is to use. All you have to do is let your hair dry 80% and then replace it for a shiny, frizz-free finish — this usually does all the work itself.

Meanwhile, skincare-makeup this hybrid is what I usually wear on my face these days .

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