All I Am About Minimalist Workout Is Set So Far-This Is My Full Attention

All I Am About Minimalist Workout Is Set So Far-This Is My Full Attention

As a regular gymgoer before the whole world was turned upside down, I felt a little overwhelmed to say goodbye to my collection of beautiful workout clothes at the start of last year. I know most people consider leggings a wardrobe but outside of the gym, I rarely wear them in a true sartorial sense . That was until I discovered Girlfriend Collective — the famous cult-active IG brand that won for the size of its inclusivity and ethically made clothing. In a feeble attempt to get enthused over working out at home (FYI: I hate home workouts), I bought a set from the brand after hearing so many glowing reviews from friend. I did not fail.

Although I quickly stopped exercising at home, I keep wearing the set wherever I go. It’s a cool, figure-hugging alternative to sweatsuits, and the simple, high design made it easy to wear any layer I threw at it. After a while, my obsession with minimal active clothing sets was born, and now that I’ve officially hit the elliptical and weight room in full form, you can bet I’m shopping for more.

In case you were wondering, no, this is not the fragile workout dress you might have worn in PE years ago — these active clothing sets rise to a high athleisure look and combine it in capable sporty performance to surpass it an hour of yoga, HIIT, boxing, or all of the above. Consider it the fully evolving form of athleisure that you can really sweat. Read on to check out all the beautiful sets I was tempted to buy as well as how some of our favorite fashion girls wore them. [19659002]

The best part about Girlfriend Collective sets is that you can always mix and match between colors and styles, and they're all reasonably affordable. Shop for matching Compressive Stretch Leggings ($ 68).

In athletic terms, there is no other brand that will give you the best performance like Nike. Purchase compatible Yoga Luxe Shorts ($ 55).

Almost too good to just wear to your yoga class. Shop for compatible Composed Cycling Shorts ($ 43).

Everyone needs a stylish basic black set .

When it comes to $ 50 for the full range, it's one of the cheapest on this list, but it doesn't quite skimp on performance capability and high design. Purchase matching Scout High Waist Bike Shorts ($ 25).

Next to summer sandals and floral dresses, you'll find Mango's latest collection-a line of actual clothing. Meant for low-impact activities, the items provide lightweight support but really look amazing. Shop for matching Sports Leggings ($ 50).

Everlane's new active clothing line feels like a second skin you don't want to peel off. Highly recommended Shop the matching Perform Pocket Legging ($ 58).

Crossover detail feels trend-forward in a subtle way that not too much in front of you. Purchase compatible Corse Crossover Shorts ($ 58).

If you're too scared of the potential of going to the gym in a clean white set, I highly suggest this rich, neutral shade of oatmeal, which feels like the next best thing.

Inner Voices makes some of the best leggings around.


The Ukrainian brand Norba is a name to know if you want to discover new brands. Shopping for matching Essential Sport Leggings ($ 90).

Even if you don't like the gym, this fun set will keep to you the motivation to see. Shop for matching Spacedye Team Pockets High Waisted Biker Shorts ($ 72).

The ribbing on it just takes this set to a whole different level. Shop for matching Seamless Ribbed Leggings ($ 79).

The high waist detail is super flattering. Shop for matching Veronica Ribbed Leggings ($ 104).

My favorite leggings of all time are from Alo, so you know this set is in my cart already. Shop for matching 7/8 Airlift Leggings ($ 114).

Get a hint from our favorite fashion girls and pair your two pieces with a classic trench coat for full-on Sporty Spice vibes . Shopping for matching Geometric Leggings ($ 115).

The delicate correlation of iridescence immediately catches the eye. Shop for matching Stretch Leggings ($ 128).

I'm all freezing blue these days.

Avocado dreams. Purchase matching Scout High Waist Bike Shorts ($ 59).

Although the design is relatively small, this punchy green is certainly not pretty.

Sweaty Betty's workout dress really delivers when you're in high-intensity sessions. Shop for matching Power 9-Inch Biker Shorts ($ 68).

Be the star of your barre class. Shop for matching High Waist Stretch Leggings ($ 124).

Carbon38 is a fantastic place of fun workout clothes. Shop for matching Ribbed Regular Rise 7/8 Leggings ($ 98).

From Instagram's most popular athleisure brand. Shop for a matching Ribbed Top ($ 47).

Suddenly, I don't remember 30 minutes on StairMaster. Shop for compatible Vamp Tights ($ 115).

Shop Compatible Bike Shorts ($ 13).

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