Big Packing Mistake: These Shoes

Big Packing Mistake: These Shoes

I recently traveled to New Orleans … in July. Now if you went to New Orleans in July, you probably won’t forget the intensity of the humidity. And if you haven’t visited New Orleans (or anywhere with a subtropical, humid climate) on summer dog days, I recommend you prepare yourself. I'm here to help with that. I’ll admit I’m actually from Louisiana but I haven’t lived there in over a decade. Regardless, I should have known better than pack just one style of shoe for my trip: loafers. That’s right-I packed three pairs of loafers for my two day trip and I immediately discovered they were the worst packaged shoes for a summer trip .

Since I walk a bit, I assume loafers are a reasonable style of shoe to pack, especially since I don ' t like to wear sandals on city streets. But a short time into my first day, I realized I probably wouldn’t finish it at night in these shoes. The problem is that loafers are a fairly structured pair of shoes, so the leather is usually thick and tough. And because it was so hot and sticky in The Big Easy, the friction of the loafers against my skin led to massive blisters in just a few hours. I’ll spare you the pleasant details, but in the late afternoon, I was walking around the French Quarter and I was forced to fold the back of my shoes until I was brought back to the front desk of my hotel to look for bandage and blister remedies.

That said, I'm not suggesting that sandals are the only shoes you should wrap on summer trips. Sneakers, mules, ankle boots, and flats made of soft materials are also perfectly fixed. Just take my advice and do a test run on a hot day before committing to fill your precious luggage space with the wrong type of footwear.

With this, read on to shop for stylish shoes that will serve you well on summer trips.

You'll never regret packing a pair of sneakers, no matter your destination. Not only do they provide the highest level of support, but they’re also bound to go with almost anything you pack, from clothes to jeans. Don’t forget cushy socks if you plan to take a lot of outings.

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Flat sandals are also a foolproof option when it comes to packing for a vacation. They are very easy to slide on and off, making them ideal for beach or pool destinations. Be sure to choose wisely, however, as some straps can cause blisters, and extra flat shoes won’t offer your arches any support.

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Last but not least, clogs are great for casual vacations. Some people may say that Crocs are the ultimate “ugly shoe,” but many people in fashion tend to disagree.

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