Billie Eilish ' s Perfume Stash Includes $ 18 Gem You Can Buy Whole Foods

Billie Eilish ' s Perfume Stash Includes $ 18 Gem You Can Buy Whole Foods

Billie Eilish is not shy about being a serious beauty look. Aside from her signature black hair with off-white roots (she recently went platinum blonde though!), She can count for an out-of-this-world manicure that will interact with any red carpet look . While her makeup is usually on the simple side, she is also known to be stone-filled, bushy arms and separated, un-lashed lashes on a regular basis. She’s an icon of beauty in the making, if we’ve ever seen one.

Since we were sadly not been close enough to smell this young queen, any speculation about her scented perfume was shot in the dark-until now, that is. Eilish recently shared her favorite fragrances for all to see on the internet! In case you missed it, the 19 -year -old took to Instagram Stories over the weekend to share a snap of her fragrance collection in response to a question posed by a fan. Eilish shared a close-up of a variety of perfume bottles and said these are her current favorites. If you weren’t glued to your phone and missed the big reveal before it went well, don’t be afraid because it wasn’t long before creator of TikTok @professorperfume republished the shot with his own take on selections by Eilish.

In addition to some luxurious options from mega -famous brands like Le Labo and more niches like Etat Libre d ' Orange, we found a famous amber oil on the internet from Nemat getting good reviews. That's right. The Grammy Award-winning singer appears to be equally obsessed with an $ 18 oily oil like we are! The best part? It’s carried by Whole Foods, so if you’d rather wait for a shipment from other retail partners like Amazon and Ulta, you can pick up a bottle on your next grocery run. Keep your eyes peeled!

Want to know about Eilish's current favorite fragrances? Keep scrolling for a rundown on all six fragrances shared by the singer from her personal collection. Then, check out some more select perfumes to be adored from Rihanna, Margot Robbie, Meghan Markle, and more.

Main fragrance note: amber. As mentioned above, this fragrant oil is now circulating in TikTok. It is a soft but affecting fragrance that smells sweet and leathery. One point of contention with reviewers is that the scent is almost too weak, but fortunately, others can smell it on you, even if you can’t smell it yourself. Apparently, Eilish already knows that!

Main fragrance notes: Ambroxan, jasmine petals, musk, moss, woody ambery note. This unconventional fragrance may be a surprise at first sniff, but once you get around, it’s really lovely. Thanks to Ambroxan, a synthetic animal musk, it takes on a leathery scent powered by sweet jasmine and more woody elements. WWW editor Anna LaPlaca is another super cool person who counts as one of her favorites.

Main fragrance notes: iris, musk, sandalwood. TikTok perfume fan @professorperfume said she can tell by choosing Eilish ' s fragrances from indie brand Etat Libre d ' Orange that the singer is in androgenous scents. This one has a unique mix of floral, musk, and wood, which is surprisingly amazing.

Key fragrance notes: rose, sandalwood, apple. The name of this fragrance makes it sound mysterious, but there is a fun backstory that fully explains it. It was created using upcycled materials, which is a completely new concept in the luxury-fragrance space. You can smell exhausted rose petals, distilled pieces of sandalwood, and leftover apples from the food industry. What a great choice just in time for Earth Month!

Key fragrance notes: iris, gunpowder, sandalwood. This one is intended to evoke fragrant memories of the end times. All the press releases you’ve watched? This is the scent profile to complement them. It has an agreement with popcorn, iris powder, and sharp sandalwood for a truly unique smell.

Notes of main fragrance: ebony ebony, benzoin, black leather. Wood, tree resin, and leather are all masculine notes, so we can only imagine this one smelling like a fancy gentleman. But regardless of your gender, we think this one could be a winner.

Key fragrance notes: neroli, orange blossom, rose, marshmallow. This sweet option smells like cotton candy mixed with money. You need it.

Key fragrance notes: rose, ylang-ylang, peony, sandalwood, amber, vanilla, musk. Hailey Bieber says here that this tangy, floral option is one of her tried and true favorites.

Main fragrance notes: bluebell, persimmon, white musk. The former Duchess of Sussex once said this was her signature daytime fragrance.

Main fragrance notes: mandarin nectar, blackberry, pink orchid, black and amber, musk, sandalwood. In a similar way to revealing Eilish’s fragrance on Instagram, Victoria Beckham used the platform to share how much she loves this scent.

Main fragrance notes: Cascalone, black magic rose, musk. Margot Robbie and I are big fans here, so we all listened when she told Marie Claire about her love of this smell.

Main fragrance notes: sandalwood, cedarwood, violet accord, cardamom, leather. Alexa Chung was one of the original fashion girls, and because of this, it’s no surprise that she was quoted as shining as her favorite cool-kid. Next, The Only Perfume That Matters If You Want To Scent Rich And Unmerciful

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