Byredo Perfumes Worth The Money, I Rank

Byredo Perfumes Worth The Money, I Rank

At this point, at least I smelled almost every Byredo fragrance there. It’s easy to see why the Stockholm -based brand is so popular. In addition to incredibly chic and minimal packaging, unisex scents are unique in arrival but undoubtedly wearable and intriguing as well. Trust me-everyone will ask you what perfume you’re wearing when you spray Byredo, and anything you buy from the brand deserves the price tag, but I’m here to help you narrow it down ( many good picks).

For my own fragrance -buying mission and for your fragrance -buying missions (I'm here to serve), I asked Byredo to send me samples of the most expensive sale of its fragrance, and they kindly insisted. For the past few weeks, I’ve been switching my fragrance every day, because diversity is the spice of life, and I want to give you my honest review of Byredo’s 10 most popular perfumes.

Lots of fragrance reviews out there, but I found them to be quite technical, speaking to all the different layered notes in one fragrance. My reviews are more about how they make you feel when you wear them, the best occasion and time for them to wear them, how conscious they are, etc. Keep scrolling if you’re intrigued and be sure to head to the bottom for what I think is the best Byredo fragrance.

Oud Immortel is a great fragrance, and I'm excited to try it, but for me, it's just a bit masculine. It was created around a specific type of dark wood used in traditional incense, so it ' s as smoky and complex as you might think. While it may not be right for me, I will buy a bottle for my husband in a second.

Mojave Ghost is one of Byredo's best fragrances , so I ' m eager to give it a try. I’ve seen why this one is so popular-it’s a lovely choice for the evening but not lovely or super floral. It is soft and the floral aspect is softer and more woody, with a little sandalwood and amber. The only reason I don’t think I would claim it is that my signature perfume is making it a bit of a powdery note to me on the day it happens, but some people might embrace that.


Byredo's Bibliothèque candles have an intense cult following (I am a member of that cult), so &# 39; t have been smart with the brand to create a perfume. Honestly I can’t describe to you this fragrance if I try, it’s unique. There’s a rich note of patchouli that’s extremely focused, so if you like fragrant patchouli, you’ll love it. Again, this one is a little masculine for me (but my love for the candle lives on), and I will 100% buy it for my husband and ask him to wear it every day.


Flowerhead is actually the most floral scent in the bunch and will make the perfect scent in the sun in spring and summer . As is standard for Byredo, this is a very complex flower that feels exotic and fresh. Certainly there is perfume potential in the signature but not really throughout the year.


Slow Dance is one of Byredo's newer fragrances. I saw it all over Instagram of cool girls, so t even me, I had to give it a try. Like the Bibliothèque, this one is also a bit difficult to describe. It certainly feels like a rich, fragrant cold fragrance to me, and patchouli and vanilla are the main notes, but these are the most sophisticated versions of patchouli and vanilla you can imagine. If you want your scent to be warm and slightly sweet, this one is for you.

The first of two rose fragrances (more to come on the other hand), Rose Noir is somewhat earthier of the two. Byredo described it as “dirty,” and I have to agree. It has depth to it but it’s an undeniable rose lover’s dream.

I seem to be living on the edge since I bought the Vvett Haze when I didn’t smell it a few months ago (the brand has a description of “coconut water”). Fortunately, I liked it. I prefer it for the night, as it’s pretty musky, but it’s also great anytime smelling in the fall and winter. When I first sprayed it, I was offended by the smell of patchouli but it softens nicely. Highly recommended.

Bal d ' Afrique is another brand cult favorites that intrigued me. You just feel cool and in the know when wearing it. If I put it simply, incense is a noticeable layer, but very expensive and rare incense that you can only get in Africa.


I just had the pleasure of trying out Byredo's latest fragrance, Mixed Emotions, and I had a hunch it would be good, but exceeded my high expectations. The name and even the brand description don’t completely prepare me for the first sniff (“The amusing notes of maté and the sharp sweetness of the cassis sit within a wooden frame; the inspiring fragrance of black tea disturbed by violet leaf syntetics. "). After the initial spritz, I definitely picked up the blackcurrant (which I always have slightly) and tea, which balances the lilac flowers. As it dries, a gentle forest will form, lasting all day. Mixed Emotions is a perfume that works beautifully day or night, all year round.

I'm always looking for a cool rose fragrance and I'm really struck I love the gold in this famous Byredo fragrance. It’s subtle and fresh but with a hint of richness (thanks to the white note of the amber mark). It’s one of those rare perfumes that I enjoy wearing every day, all year long. Maybe I’ll need to add it to my collection.


We're done, friends, and my number one paycheck worthy pic is Gypsy Water. Sorry, no surprises here! It’s the best selling brand, most well-known, and most smelling on Instagram (which I checked), and for good reason. This is the most I’ve achieved for the past few weeks because wearing it just makes me happy. It smells of sandalwood and vanilla, lemon and campfire, and many other things you wouldn’t believe smell so intoxicating along. It smells so good that I don’t care that it’s not particularly under the radar. I like to wear it consistently so I can smell the wrist whenever I need a pick up.


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