Cargo Pants are My New Winter Staple, so of course I have Standby ' Fits

Cargo Pants are My New Winter Staple, so of course I have Standby ' Fits

If you ask me for something I'm wearing mainly this winter, it's pretty easy to answer that. Cargo pants it. I'm not sure when this intense obsession entered my brain — all I know is that my recent Google searches contain "cargo pants" with so many different adjectives to count. After buying a few pairs from Zara, they slowly replaced my other pair of pants — including jeans and trousers. I’ve worn them in everything from custom button-downs and heels, to cropped sweaters and sneakers, so the versatility sort of speaks for itself. I don’t seem to be the only one fond of cargo pants these days: I’ve noticed them appear in the numbers worn by some of my favorite fashion figures on social media. The trend version of the Attico is probably most popular with insiders, but fortunately, cheaper acquisitions are also entering the market. Now that I’ve waxed properly on my go-to piece of the season, get ready for 7 cool ways insiders wear the IT staple today.

Attico ' s Fern cargo pants are perfectly stylish in every way, so they ' re currently sold out. I love this sporty but elegant styling along with wedge heels and track jackets.

For the French-girl touch, style your cargo with cap-toe slingbacks.

Here's a little secret: Zara is the plug for affordable cargo pants. Retailer versions are close to styles from Attico, Bottega Veneta, and more, so this is a good way to try it out before investing in a more expensive pair.

Just a disclaimer: Almost every day I think of these pants. They are reminiscent of JNCOs but in the best way possible because they are heavy on details that really accentuate them.

Since we're in the leather season, it really makes sense for leather cargos to be on your radar. For a style inspired by streetwear, pair them with your coolest sneakers, and lots of gold jewelry.

Single closure cardigans are at the top today, and if you’ve also invested in the trend, let me suggest way to put it to good use. Wearing khaki cargo pants, this is a sporty meets flirty approach that I thoroughly get.

From the cool shoulder pad tee to the same sleek cargo pants, this outfit brings Milanese vibes to the max. Adding a warm pink bag is a nice, subtle nod to color as well.

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