14 moisturizing face masks to soothe your skin in dry January

Since your skin is able to withstand cold winds and all the indoor heating this month, it could definitely use a pick-me-up. This is where moisturizing masks come into play. These masks ensure that the complexion is upgraded with moist excellence, and many provide additional benefits such as anti-aging aids and stressed skin relaxants.

By K-beauty Sleep masks and Rubber masks To warm you up perfectly for winter, there are masking treatments for every preference. And you don't have to give up those drinking power plants once the temperatures warm up. Simply reduce the application to once a week to keep glowing.

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12 un-basic pairs of khakis to wear right through spring right now

Many trends came from the spring season 2021 . From fancy coatings to a variety of vests, but perhaps the most common is the neutral renaissance. And there's no better way to incorporate the trend into your wardrobe than khakis. Well, these are fashionable khakis. Because the khakis are not your average chinos in spring 2021.

Louis Vuitton, Simone Rocha, and even Hermes all sponsor the khaki revolution. The pants are extremely baggy, cut short like culottes with exaggerated cuffs or high-waisted or strategically pleated. So those plain old chinos won't make it. You should prefer more fashionable options, such as: B. those with utility pockets, statement cuffs or folded waistbands.

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The first Prada campaign from the time of Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons feels like a big setback

Miuccia Prada announced Raf Simons as Co-Creative Director of Prada in 2020. Since then, the partnership has been a topic of conversation in our forums. After the duo's eagerly anticipated debut in spring 2021 during Milan Fashion Week, the collection's advertising campaign was discontinued and we had questions that needed to be answered. After a flawless Holiday 2020 campaign by Steven Meisel Miuccia and Raf don't choose a well-known photographer this time. Instead, the couple rely on Ferdinando Verderi and a camera system to capture models like Isa Gustafsson and Dija Kallon from different angles.


According to our forum members, Prada’s latest version feels like a big setback. "NO! Why that after your holiday campaign?" Asked Kokobombon .

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10 turtleneck pairings to see you through the winter

Turtlenecks are not such a secret weapon for fashion insiders in winter . Street stylists in particular love to wear them under their cold-weather outfits. While these outfits can include anything from hoodies and jeans to sweaters and knit skirts, it's the turtleneck pairings that really make a lasting impression.

But putting together the dynamic duos is easier said than done. First, the turtleneck sweater or dress should be mainly made of a warmer fabric. (Think wool, velvet etc.) Additional credit if both are suitable for colder climates.

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Refillable skin care products that are good for your skin and the environment

Whether you are a Korean skin care professional or a a proven minimalist we can all agree on one thing. Less is more. At least when it comes to packaging. Because even if your regime only involves a few steps, multiple packages will either need to be thrown away or recycled, preferably the latter. (But only a small part of plastics is actually recycled.) The solution? Why Refillable Skin Care Products?

Refillable containers are nothing new in the beauty field. There are already many options for applying makeup. Thanks to brands like Pharrell Williams' new Humanrace line and Rihanna's Fenty Skin, the trend to reduce and reuse is growing in importance on the skin care side of the industry.

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