Kendall Jenner stars on Vogue China's spring-worthy cover from February 2021

All eyes were on Vogue China after Angelica Cheung suddenly withdrew from publication. The majority of magazine covers in 2020 failed to impress our forum members, even with cover stars like Billie Eilish Natalia Vodianova and Kaia Gerber . Cheung rounded off her term last month with a stunning Xiao Wen Ju offer. Now, with the February 2021 edition, Kendall Jenner is heralding a new era for the Chinese fashion Bible. The popular model was captured by Autumn de Wilde and is wearing a matching floral Gucci dress (chosen by stylist Max Ortega) surrounded by flowers and greens.


The cover was a flop on our forums. ÔÇťAngelica come back! Please! "Pleaded Nomar the moment the cover fell.

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These are the best leggings you can wear all winter

Thank heavens for leggings, which are arguably the best bottoms you can own. They're extremely comfortable and effortlessly sexy when paired with with the right pieces . They're also a breeze for any style you're looking for, from work from home to playing sports or even casual wear. Is our love for leggings already coming across? We would argue that there really is no other way to spend the winter. As long as you have a trustworthy couple that are both comfortable, warm and affordable and durable .

Advance the best leggings you can wear every day, whatever the occasion.

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It is the season of fluffy shoes

Thanks to Telfar lambskin bags are all the rage. But bags aren't the only cozy element to consider right now. There was also an influx of fluffy shoes to keep your feet warm.

Why now? Well, it's a combination of two things. The pandemic and the falling temperatures. With many of us still working from home, sales of comfortable shoes are skyrocketing. Shearling and teddy coats are always popular winter options, so it makes sense that our shoes match (somewhat).

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The top 10 body oils for hydrated, happy skin everywhere

Winter is synonymous with dry skin . Most of us reach for the lotion when our skin becomes flaky, cracked, or flaky. But there is another option: body oil. That's why we've decided to round up the best winter body oils.

Body oils beat lotions because they absorb lightning fast. If you've ever been in a rush and had to put lotion on, get dressed, you know what we're talking about. They also offer a more extraordinary olfactory experience. There are formulas that leave lighter flavors that really linger. If you want to skip perfume there are those that deliver stronger fragrance profiles.

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These blankets are as stylish as they are comfortable

For most of us fashion fanatics, our love doesn't stop with our clothes, shoes and accessories . No, that also applies to our environment. From lamps to furniture to table decorations, our homes are an extension of our fashion taste. And at this time of year we are looking for the best blankets that manage to combine form and function.

Throwing blankets can sometimes feel like an afterthought. Or maybe just a way to stay warm when you're not tucked under your plush blanket. But the best blankets keep you cozy and add something to your decor .

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