A Trend I Prefer To Wear Than Jeans (I Know)

Okay, I know a lot of people will approach me when I admit there is a fashion item that is even more beautiful than jeans but listen to me. Although jeans are really the backbone of my wardrobe most of the time, lately I ' ve been pushing them for something as versatile, low-key, and cool as my beloved denim but more new and newer, in my humble opinion. The trend in question? Faux leather pants.

Leather pants have always been a winter staple in my book and I can't imagine going through the season without even a go-to pair, but as we move towards spring, my obsession only grows. And I know I’m not alone either. I have the intel that Who What Wear readers are buying the style in droves and based on my own Instagram feed, I also include the fashion crowd here. So if you ' … Read more

This Is The Easiest Way To Quickly Add Volume To Fine Hair

When you have fine or flat hair you're probably always looking for ways to add a bit of volume. I know I often try new products or styling techniques to give my flat, stick-straight hair a bit of oomph. Usually, I have to take out the rollers and styling tools if I want to raise it, but if I'm really in a pinch, I hand out a textured spray. so I can get that volume quickly. It's a miracle that just a few spritzes and a little teasing can revive my hair.

Admit it, I let my hair do this thing naturally more often than not — I choke it all up in laziness. I probably only style a few times a month and add products to my hair. But texturizing sprays, along with some other volumizing products are always in my bathroom for hours when I'm not lazy and … Read more

This Prescription Cream Hicks Backspace in Wrinkles — Here is the User Manual

You have probably heard about the skincare product Retin-A and probably associate it with being a powerful acne fighter . You can also use the famous product. While it ' s wonderful for treating acne, it also has the power to unlock youthful-looking skin . “Retin-A is the trade name of a vitamin A derivative called tretinoin,” said Joyce Imahiyerobo-Ip, MD, FAAD, founder and CEO of Vibrant Dermatology and Skin Bar MD . "Tretinoin was developed in the 1960s and changed skin care. Today, tretinoin is one of the few drugs that belongs to a category called retinoids. All retinoids have a similar effect on the skin." Tretinoin is also prescription-only.

So what does it do, exactly? Well, it turns out a lot. Board-certified dermatologist and docent medical advisor Farhaad Riyaz says that tretinoin is the best antioxidant ingredient proven to treat wrinkles, sun loose, 94 skin damage5 hyperpigmentation . … Read more

10 Winter Trends I Found on Instagram After Scrolling Too Long

If you scroll through Instagram enough you'll probably notice more than a few common themes. The printed Prada bag everyone and their mother are taking pictures? Yes, it usually went viral. What about the colorful knitted scarves that seem to go back to every single winter? While my job may require me to scroll through Instagram more than the average person, the dozens of photos grouped together in my saved folders prove that the trends are being noticed I was definitely something at the time. Meet the fashion trends on Instagram in the winter that we can ' t help but see in all of our feeds.

An endless number of influencers, editors, consumers, and different fashion people all agrees with the list below. Just don ' t take my word for it though — the proof is in the whole gram. Keep reading to see and all eight fashion … Read more

Sarah Hyland Talks About Astrology, Beauty Favorites, and Sharing Products with Her Fiancé

It's quite understandable if you've already bought a beauty or wellness supplement with the intention of drinking one every day but you forget, are surprised at its sheer size, or you don't like the taste of it. We are all there. That’s why Sarah Hyland’s new business venture, Sourse almost looks too good to be true. Supplements that sound like delicious M&M? Sign me up.

The vitamin-infused vegan candy brand was technically launched in 2020 by couple Jenne Moore and Andrew Remlinger, but they changed the company name this year. That means a change for its packaging, two new products, and bringing in Hyland as co-founder and creative director. “They sent me some products last year, and I liked it,” Hyland told me at the Sourse launch party in Los Angeles. "I told them I had a lot of ideas and I wanted to be a part of it, so … Read more

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