If "Rich Mom in the Hamptons" Is Your Summer Vibe, You Need These 36 Pieces

Most Wanted is a weekly series in which one editor, staffer, or influencer shares their top 30 must-haves or current wish-list items.

Memorial Day is the unofficial start to summer, and it’s also when rich moms start flocking to the Hamptons. It’s a glorious lifestyle there: relaxing at seaside mansions, basking on pristine beaches, and imbibing at waterfront restaurants. You can expect an elevated “coastal grandmother” vibe from their outfits this summer. Think soft linens, pretty dresses and tops, and beachwear in various neutral and nautical-blue shades. Although I may not be living the rich-mom life, that doesn’t mean I can’t shop like one. Keep reading for the fashion and beauty essentials I’m eyeing to bring out my inner rich mom.

Moms everywhere (but especially in the Hamptons) know the importance of protecting your skin. This antioxidant-rich SPF is a step above your basic sunscreen. It also has
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29 New Nordstrom Finds That Will Sell Out Before Summer Even Arrives

Hi, I’m Anna, and I’m a shopping-obsessed editor. (Scratch that—I’m a Nordstrom–obsessed editor.) The retailer has been my go-to source for all things fashion for as long as I can remember. It’s my first destination whether I’m looking to restock a basic or on the hunt for a trendy buy. And since I spend several hours every week surfing and scrolling the site, I know the best finds like the back of my hand. Yep, I can even predict which items will sell out first. I said I was obsessed, right?

Since Nordstrom recently dropped a ton of new summer items, you can bet I’m already all over them. I spent an afternoon browsing the retailer’s new arrivals and decided these just-dropped pieces were too good not to share. Between a newly launched It girl–approved brand, a fresh Skims drop, and exciting new Prada shades, I’m betting … Read more

I Have Simple Style, and I'm Happier With My Closet After Adding These 5 Items

If you describe your style as easy yet chic, your vibe probably aligns well with Jen Andrew-Cater’s style. She’s a Los Angeles-based influencer that defines her day-to-day silhouette as simple. As a result, she has a wardrobe filled with elevated basics and other pared-down staples. Andrew-Cater recently added a few items to her wardrobe that she thinks have taken her style to the next level. She mentioned she’s happier with her closet after adding these pieces because they’re so versatile and work with a range of outfits.

Below you’ll uncover Andrew-Cater’s current must-haves. You’ll notice everything from the skirt silhouette of the moment to a cool shoe style. Keep scrolling for more intel and visual inspiration from Andrew-Cater. If you want to add one of her essentials to your wardrobe, there are also shopping recommendations throughout. 

“If you’ve been on social media at all, you know that maxi
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No Complaints Here: 30 Comfortable Bras That Everyone's Raving About

We know how quickly bras can start to feel uncomfortable. The first mistake some people make, though? Buying the wrong size. If it’s too big, it can move around too much, but if it’s too small, it can feel super restricting. Step one in finding a comfortable bra is to get fitted and shop your proper size. The next step? Checking out the design and material. Look for one with wide straps in a breathable fabric.

If you’re shopping online, the customer review section always proves to be super helpful—and that’s exactly what we turned to in our search for the most comfortable bras ever. We scoured the ratings, read people’s opinions, and analyzed many styles to find 15 bras you won’t hate wearing. From one five-star option to another that boasts a natural feel, these are the bras people can’t stop raving about. See and shop them below.… Read more

The 2023 It Bag That Hailey Bieber Can't Put Down

Hailey Bieber’s status as a style icon certainly isn’t anything new, but after studying some of the recent looks from her time this spring in New York City, I must say: her style has never been this good. From simple workout outfits for trips to Gotham Gym to low-key yet dangerously copiable short-skirt, long-jacket ensembles for errands around TriBeCa, every look she’s been spotted in during the last few weeks has been perfection—period. 

That being said, something about her most recent one stands out from the rest. And that something, to me at least, comes down to the introduction of a single, specific item: her handbag. Over the last few days, the model and Rhode founder hasn’t stopped carrying a small, white version of Bottega Veneta‘s new Andiamo bag, which, despite its fairly recent release date, is already one of the year’s most talked-about purses. With the intrecciato … Read more

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