11 Iconic 2000s Hairstyles That Can Still Fly in 2021

The 2000s are back, baby. As you may recall, this was a time defined by low -rise pants fuzzy pink all, and AOL instant messenger. (Do you remember your first screen name or are you normal?) Some of the most iconic and talked about fashion moments of all time happened during this time and we still feel the reverb to this day . Another field of excellence since 2000 that still informs our lives? The hairstyles.

From chunky highlights to braided antennas and, of course, spiky buns abound, going with hairstyles from this time is really something that special. And the queens of epic girls like Hilary Duff, Raven-Symoné, the Olsen twins, and Jennifer Lopez (yes, she’s been killing it for decades!) Deliver daily inspiration for the execution of all crimps, curls, and colors. [19659002] If you're feeling nostalhic, keep scrolling for 11 2000 hairstyles we like low wearing right … Read more

Wait, This Top Tank Is $ 14 But Looks Super Expensive

Our editor in chief, Kat Collings recently shared with us a special jewel that she’s wearing over and over again today. Naturally, we also want to highlight the staple for you. The piece in question? The $ 14 ribbed tank from Amazon .

The Kamissy piece looks a bit expensive (actually, could be designer) because of the modern, higher cut and ribbed fabric. The color is also noticeable in the color of the beige color. The beauty of this stylish main is that it is versatile and can act as a main layer for a range of ensembles this spring and summer. In fact, Collings actually sent out some photos showing how he styled his favorite tank.

Intrigued? Surprisingly Keep scrolling to learn more about why this best-looking tank is on top. If you’re a bit further away, you’ll also find more affordable tank tops (under $ 30) that might … Read more

According to Reviews, Here Are the 20 Best Hair Dryers for Curly Queens

If you have curly hair then you know how safe it is to dry it. Whether you’re looking to keep your curls intact or blow your tresses straight and smooth, it takes a developed skill set to fix it. And at the heart of that technique is the right hair dryer. Unfortunately, any old choice is not feasible.

When you think of drying curly hair, a diffuser may be the first, if not the only, type of hair dryer in my mind. But don’t forget that curly hair types are among the most versatile! As such, there are a number of different types of hair dryers that can be used to achieve any given style you are looking to implement. The possibilities are endless, sis!

But the question still remains: Which are the best hair dryers for curly hair? To get the answer, we took review sections on some of … Read more

Rachel Bilson in The O.C. Fashion and Shani Darden on Best Care Management

Welcome to our new podcast, Who What Wear With Hillary Kerr . Consider it as your direct line to the designers, stylists, beauty experts, editors, and tasters who shape the fashion and beauty world. Subscribe to Who Who Wear With Hillary Kerr at Apple Podcasts and Spotify .

This week, Who What Wear With Hillary Kerr brings you two icons that have been making waves in the entertainment industry since childhood.

First is Summer Roberts' real -life self -transformation Rachel Bilson. You can recognize him from The O.C. Hart of Dixie and The Last Kiss, to name a few. She recently launched the podcast Welcome to OC, Bitches! with her former co-star Melinda Clarke (aka Julie Cooper). In honor of his new adventure, we spoke with Bilson about his time on the show, what expectations we can expect from his podcast, and what purchases he was influenced to buy during … Read more

Billie Eilish ' s Perfume Stash Includes $ 18 Gem You Can Buy Whole Foods

Billie Eilish is not shy about being a serious beauty look. Aside from her signature black hair with off-white roots (she recently went platinum blonde though!), She can count for an out-of-this-world manicure that will interact with any red carpet look . While her makeup is usually on the simple side, she is also known to be stone-filled, bushy arms and separated, un-lashed lashes on a regular basis. She’s an icon of beauty in the making, if we’ve ever seen one.

Since we were sadly not been close enough to smell this young queen, any speculation about her scented perfume was shot in the dark-until now, that is. Eilish recently shared her favorite fragrances for all to see on the internet! In case you missed it, the 19 -year -old took to Instagram Stories over the weekend to share a snap of her fragrance collection in response to a question … Read more