24 Products That Really Make Your Hair Thick

In general, when it comes to hair there seems to be one main thing people want from their fibers: thickness. In fact, when friends and family reach out to me with hair -related queries, they often ask what are the best products for thin hair . I’ll be honest, even if I adore a good volumizing product hair thickness I’m not really concerned about. While my individual fibers are fine, they are rough in texture and there are many of them; I’m more likely to try products that promise hair hydration or strand-sleeking results than anything that thickens hair. Until last year, that was.

After having my first child, I experienced a lot of talk about postpartum hair loss, and what a severity it was. After enjoying thicker, shiny hair while pregnant, I was shocked to see so much hair lost to me every day after having my son-and I … Read more

Affordable Lingerie Brands That Still Feel High Finished

We get it – it's pretty painful to fork in large amounts of money into underwear and the like that rarely see sunlight. Equally painful is wasting your hard-earned money on lingerie that until the old “you get what you pay for” adage. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to share with you the brands that can best make sleepwear underwear, from fast fashion (think Topshop) to niche labels (think the Baserange).

Our advice when shopping for affordable underwear, bra, slip, and nightwear? Stick to muted or classic colors (they look more expensive than bright colors) and avoid decorations and prints when you go for a high look. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference it makes. Keep scrolling to review the brands we recommend and pick our picks from each.

Aerie launched their line of intimates to make sure the girls had the basics they needed to … Read more

18 Designer Items That Editors Think Worth the Splurge

As editors, we are always eager to give a good shopping recommendation, and this time is no different. In this episode of Things that the editors of Who What Wear love, the topic is designer investments. With fashion spring collections finally hitting stores, it can feel like a little too many new styles competing for attention. It’s easy to get caught up in the allure of an It-piece that makes the rounds on social media, but at the end of the day is it worth the splurge ?

Today, we feature seasonal expensive items our editors will actually pour big money into. The decision to buy something expensive also doesn’t change us much-there’s always a level of practicality that goes into whether we think a designer piece is really worth it or not. And considering we’re all stealthy with the latest designer drops and practical consumers, you won’t find a … Read more

Here's the Swimwear Trend Outshining All the Rest This Season

It's safe to say that last year almost all of us stopped sleeping from poolside parties and packed beach trips. As an optimist, I expect things to be a little different in the coming months, and yes, my mind has drifted into the world of bikinis. I’m not a big swimsuit person, so of course I took to the Internet’s favorite mood board, Instagram, to gather which styles I should bet my money on. It wasn’t long before a particular trend emerged as the clear winner: French cut bikinis were back, and in a big way. A dominant 80s style, revealing this bikini silhouette takes some sartorial courage to get used to. I noticed a variety of ways to pull off a French cut bikini: from slightly-there string bottoms as seen in Bella Hadid and Dua Lipa, to more cuts in range. The defining factor is the ultra high hips
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The Only Perfume That Matters If You Want To Scent Rich And Unmerciful

No one asked, but here's a fun fact about me: Low -key I fragrance -forced. Spraying perfumes has been a solid ingredient of my beauty pageant since then iconic body sprays from Bath & Body Works (Sweet Pea, anyone?) And Victoria & 'S Secret (two words: Love Spell) entered my world in early 2000s . My goal then? To smell cool like Britney, Christina, and the members of Destiny ' s Child. My taste has changed a lot in the last few decades, but to this day, I’m still committed to putting myself in any of the dozens of perfumes in my collection. My fragrance end game now? To smell rich. And I’m talking Oprah’s rich level. Let me explain.

As a deeply imaginative person who regularly sees future versions of myself, I often use moments of silence to let into my mind images of every aspect of me on … Read more