Here's How To Dress For A Date-Evening At Home

Remember when dating was taking drinks at a bar or meeting in restaurants? Needless to say, things have changed. Dating is a strange, complex relationship when most of you are always at home, but with a little effort and a little imagination, it is still possible to get that romantic situation . At least there is a silver lining on a comfortable, stay at home date – choosing a group is more difficult. For one, the need for fancy heels is less than a priority, and if that Bolognese sauce stains your top half in the food, there is no pressure – just close your closet.

So what are some easy date-night outfits for a home reunion? Don't worry – We have some ideas (10 to be exact) about how achieve the wow factor without hassle. Whether you have been together for many years or at the beginning of a … Read more

We Call It: These are the Nail Colors to Wear Today

This is a new year, and you know what it means: Most of us set and work on personal goals and aspirations releasing old habits that does not serve us, and is only looking for a new beginning. It is also a great opportunity to have a little fun and try something new.

One way I like to mix things up at the beginning of the year is by transforming my work into beauty. And since so many of us spend a lot of time at home these days, a lot of time to try things out and find out what works and what doesn’t – all is far from many eyes on you because COVID-19 guidelines. Listen, I'm not forcing you to trim your own bangs or to box-dye your hair a crazy color, but if you did it and it didn't work, you Perhaps there is plenty of … Read more

I'm Really Going To Grow This Fragrance for Stress Relief – Here's Why

The main purpose when shopping for a perfume or fragrance is to make sure it smells good on you, right? Because of chemistry, some fragrances may smell different to you than their best friend or your mother. And of course, perfume is very subjective. Some people may be more attracted to trunk, handy perfumes while others may opt for lighter flowers .

It also depends on the mood and the vibe you want to put there. For me, I want to spritz in a more spicier fragrance for nights out (come back when we can get out!). But during the day, I am motivated towards floral, citrus and fresh scents. However, it is not just about status and giving a certain aura. I recently realized that you can also use fragrance as a form of self-care, too.

I don & # 39; t know why I didn & # 39; … Read more

I & # 039; m 55 and My Daughter is 23 – The Comfortable 2021 Items That Will Work For Everyone

Influencer Melissa Meyers and her daughter Rachel Meyers knew what was in the style department. So naturally, we regularly turn to the duo for sartorial inspiration . You may remember this piece showing the silhouettes of shoes they both loved . On that note, while age has nothing to do with what should or should not be worn, their fashion perspectives 55 and 23 are always intriguing because they both share similar ward-go-tos.

With all that in mind, we thought we would ask them next time to share the comfortable trends of 2021 that they both worshiped and thought would work well for all who were endowed with their comfortable and versatile nature. After all, those comfortable items are necessary because we spend more time at home.

Keep scrolling to check out some comfortable items you might want to consider this year, complete with a range of visual and shopping … Read more

25 Age-Erasing Products Celebs and Editors Both Love

We all know that person. You know, the one who looks like they're 20, but they're actually 40 or 50. The person who looks youthfully preserved in time and doesn't really seem to have changed in the years that you've known them. They probably get carded all the time. And all you want to ask them is for their exact beauty-and-skincare routine — and also maybe what kind of witchcraft and sorcery they've been doing to have such perfect skin.

Listen, I know getting older is just a part of life. There's no stopping it, but there's also no shame in aging, either. I always like to think of it as getting wiser and more comfortable with myself each year. But I also don't think there's anything wrong with wanting to protect your skin from some of the signs of aging : loss of elasticity, more sensitivity, fine lines, wrinkles, … Read more