I Found Cheap Versions of This Season's Biggest Bikini Trends – Thank Me Later

Every day we're getting closer and closer to beach season, so you know what that means: Yep, bikini-shopping galore. Even on the West Coast (which is usually not hot enough to confidently walk in shorts), we ' re going through a weird, cold spring front this week. But that didn’t stop me from over -shopping for new bikinis (this is the new Angeleno to me). It feels a bit contradictory that a small piece of fabric can cost a lot, but I’m sure you’ve noticed that a bikini can be expensive. A non-designer bikini can also get you back $ 200 and up (especially if you buy the top and bottom separately). But as much as I love a Hot Girl Summer, I prefer to keep it affordable hot. In the interest of everyone’s pockets, I gathered all the best cheap swimwear, featuring some of the biggest bikini trends of
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My Friends Trust Me for Style Advice – Get On These 34 Items Now

As a fashion editor, I find that my friends always use me as a trusted source for sartorial guidance . Actually, I’m often one of the first people they text when they’re on the fence about a particular item or want help identifying the latest trend to try.

One of my very good friends asked me for advice on some of the best oversized blazers because she wanted to add some relaxing stitching to her wardrobe. I sent over three options (including this $ 75 Nordstrom pick ). I also sent her a few other spring items that I love that I know she likes. I thought you might be interested in some of those pieces, so I share the items below (the first four on the list). I also scrolled through some of my favorite sites to discover a large piece of other chic items that piqued my interest. … Read more

I Seriously Need A Closet Revamp – Here's What To Buy If You're In A Slump Style

Quite a long time ago, but there really are things and events worth dressing up for again. We may not be in stiletto-and-ball gown territory yet, but I can say it feels great to see that grocery store trips and excursions for multi-size toilet paper aren’t the only trips that fill my agenda? Pieces that didn’t play much last year, like my leather pants and blazer are getting a second wind thanks to post-lockdown life, but looking at my wardrobe in general I realize that there are many desires. With so many touches on things happening in the world, it’s fair to say that rearranging my closet hasn’t been a top priority. fixing my warm weather clothes. To get away with my style slump, I shop for statement pieces that make me feel like dressing up. These include colorful matching sets and oversized sundresses with fun details and silhouettes. Below, … Read more

7 Low Maintenance Hair Trends That Will Dominate in 2021

Here we are in 2021, and although it has been filled with unexpected upheavals like its predecessor, we are still optimistic that we plan to make the most of this year. We’ve already (albeit temporarily) started thinking collecting fancy dresses for backdated weddings and we’ve even predicted nail colors new boot styles and types of jeans that will be big news in the coming months. But with so much uncertainty still circling, there’s one question that remains in the back of our minds: What exactly will be defining hair trends in 2021? True, they don’t have much to live on.

Back in March last year, when hairdressers around the world were forced to close their doors, no one could see the impact it had on our tresses. Those who can’t imagine large veins have little choice but to re-identify themselves in the box office at home, while others with shorter … Read more

I Haven't Used a Bra in Years – Here's What I'll Wear

When I was 13 (and finally started going through adolescence), all I wanted was to start wearing a bra . At age 14, all I wanted was to stop stop to wear a bra . I quickly learned what most of us already know-that bras are usually uncomfortable, rigid, and cut into your under-boob area. The most comfortable part of my day was when I got home and removed my bra. So I decided to stop wearing all bras altogether.

This brought challenges, however, because I was not yet quite comfortable with the idea of ​​ going braless . So I decided to dip my fingers in the water by circling the many bra alternatives-all of which are definitely more comfortable than my go-to underwire bra. If you, too, want to leave the bras without completely abandoning the support and shape they offer, keep scrolling to find some great bra … Read more

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