Christian Dior's campaign before autumn 2021 is really successful

Christian Dior's campaign before autumn 2021 is really successful

Maria Grazia Chiuri and Christian Dior may not be the most famous creative partnership on our forums. But even after all the disappointing collections and advertisements, we have to admit that the Cruise 2021 and Spring 2021 brand campaign offers were the best we've seen in years. After the latest Pre-Fall 2021 showcase of the fashion house in Shanghai, the accompanying campaign has just been discontinued. Brigitte Niedermair steps back behind the lens and captures Steinberg, Sculy Mejia, Kayako Higuchi and Jits Bootsma in front of various lively backdrops.


In contrast to the last seasons, Dior's latest criticism has been criticized. "There's just something missing … but at least it looks like someone was having fun with it!" voiced YohjiAddict .

“Brigitte Niedermair is not exactly known for her use of strong colors. So it doesn't really fit into a campaign inspired by Pop Art, ”remarked mikel .

"Art project at high school, but do it Dior," said an unimpressed Nomar .

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Royal-Galliano was also disappointed: “Unfortunately it feels very 80s, too conservative and, above all, boring. I don't see how this could even speak to a young customer. “

But GERGIN disagrees. "This time around, I like the concept here, it's the use of color and the way the neon highlights the silhouettes of the models."

"I only like it because it's different from Dior …" confessed Kokobombon ].

“Me too, and at least it's an immediate departure from the spring 2021 campaign. The colors will also stand out in the print and the focus will undoubtedly be on the clothes and accessories. I am actually fighting to criticize this! "proclaims vogue28 .

  Christian Dior Pre-Fall 2021 by Brigitte Niedermair


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