Christian Dior's spring 2021 campaign is similar to a work of art from the Renaissance

Christian Dior's spring 2021 campaign is similar to a work of art from the Renaissance

We clearly have a love-hate relationship with Christian Dior. Can you blame us? At least we endured some disappointing collections . Besides some questionable campaigns. On the other hand, Maria Grazia Chiuri has undoubtedly given us Dior's best campaign in years . Nevertheless, we always look forward to what the brand has to offer. The spring campaign 2021 is finally here. I inspired by the Italian artist Caravaggio, Elina Kechicheva captures a variety of models including Holly Fischer, Judith Frament, Maryel Uchida and Sculy Mejia.


The undoubtedly striking pictures surprised our forum members. "Finally! Something at Dior that works a bit in your favor," applauded an obviously impressed Zoom .

“Not the most original idea, but the photography is pretty exquisite,” confessed Ken Doll Jenner .

WAVES totally agreed: “It's a very clever way of making clothes look good and I love the vibe and setting of the Renaissance. “

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“To be honest, I'll be there. I love Caravaggio and I will always be happy to see (well executed) pictures of his work, ”noted GivenchyAddict .

“In love with this one. Hopefully they will keep experimenting with these photographers because we were fed up with Ruth Bell and Selena Forrest looking stale, ”explained Riseup .

“I love the campaign! I'm usually demanding when it comes to Dior, but that's really nice and refreshing, ”admired FashionMuseDior .

  Christian Dior S / S 2021 by Elina Kechicheva

PICTURES: DIOR.COM [19659004] Do you also love the ads? Further information on the campaign can be found here .

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