Designer Bag Prices Are Up But These 18 Are Still Worth It

Designer Bag Prices Are Up But These 18 Are Still Worth It

You’re probably sick of hearing about inflation. I know I am, but it’s a very real thing. And fashion—especially luxury fashion—hasn’t been spared. First things first, designer handbags are obviously hardly a necessity, and inflation is a much bigger problem when it comes to things like rising food, gas, and lodging prices. But if you are in the market for a designer bag, the significantly higher prices compared to last year can be a tough pill to swallow. I certainly don’t love paying more for something I could have gotten for a few hundred dollars less (in some designer-bag cases) a year ago, but it is what it is, unfortunately.

I can’t change the price of designer handbags, but what I can do is offer advice on which ones are still worth the money if you’re in the market for a bag. Whenever I invest in a designer bag, I’m sure to choose one that I’m positive I’ll wear for years and that won’t look dated in a few seasons. All of these fit that criteria and are just plain chic and cool. Keep scrolling to shop my investment-worthy bag recommendations.

I have this in black and can confirm that it’s the perfect size for both day and night. It’s also one of my favorites to travel with, as it’s so versatile and chic.

You know a bag is great when a brand releases it in a plethora of colors.

This structured Jacquemus bag is chic with outfits both casual and dressy, which explains why it’s been an It bag for years now.

Gucci’s signature logo plus its signature horsebit make for a perfect match.

This is my favorite bag to carry for fancy occasions. It makes any outfit look significantly cooler.

You can’t go wrong with any of the Saint Laurent logo bags but I love that this one has a chain strap and a subtle logo.

My favorite thing about this chic Givenchy bag is that you can carry it via the leather strap or the chain strap. Additionally, the silver hardware sets it apart in a sea of gold-hardware bags.

This simple and sleek Burberry bag is sure to be a favorite of anyone with a classic or minimalist aesthetic. 

Yes, it’s trendy, but the style was good enough for Balenciaga to bring it back, and it’s not as trendy as its sister bag—the Cagole.

I’m not sure that a more perfect everyday bag exists.

It really doesn’t get more timeless than this.

Loewe somehow managed to make it’s original Puzzle Bag even more covetable.

Loewe makes the holy grail of designer straw bags.

The Prada Cleo bag has proven to be one of those rare bags that stays an It bag long after its release.

This lightweight shoulder bag is another favorite of mine, as it fits a surprising amount of items and it’s an excellent option for travel.

This is a newer Bottega bag style, but I’m already sure it’s going to be a cult favorite.

As far as great designer bags go, the price of this one isn’t terrible.

Basically any Chanel bag is a good investment, but this new-season one is particularly special.

Next up, shop the low-key vacation bag fashion people are wearing all the time now.

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