Don't Kill Your Feet: A Podiatrist Introduces Your Home Shoes From Best to Worst

Don't Kill Your Feet: A Podiatrist Introduces Your Home Shoes From Best to Worst

Your shoe choice more or less determines how comfortable you stay throughout the day. Regardless of how comfortable you are with your choice of clothing, if your pair of flats or sandals [[19499090] sandals pinch a bit, your comfort level will quickly start to decline. In an effort to avoid such discomfort, we often tap podiatrists to blush the perspective on current footwear silhouettes that will not cause too much pain .

Now, because many spend more time at home, we want to zero in on the best (and worst) shoes to wear around the house. We turn to Benjamin Tehrani DPM, of Kings Point Foot & Ankle in Los Angeles and creator of Nerve assist for expert tips on common styles Okay and those can cause some damage to your overall foot health. In addition, since many of us spend a lot of time walking barefoot around the house, Tehrani sheds light on the pros and cons on that same front.

Without further ado, keep scrolling for a ranking of the best and worst shoes in the house. And if you’re currently shopping, you’ll find shoe recommendations that might be of interest as well.

"I prefer support sandals. I admire styles like those from The Birkenstock that have the ability to stay in style while also providing the best support to the arches that I have seen so far.They have a soft foot bed with an integrated latex foam cushion that molds to your feet the more you walk on it The insole is lined with skin so it helps to keep the feet dry and do it's durable, which is why they're more expensive than the standard sandal. " – Tehrani


“I prefer to wear a supporting sandal or slippers as opposed to walking barefoot. Our bodies adapt to the new-world environment of this concrete forest, and our feet can use support more than ever before. There is absolutely nothing wrong with walking barefoot at home but in moderation. For example, if I’m doing dishes or doing laundry, I know I’m spending a lot of time standing in one place and straining my heels, arches, and balls of my feet. Even if you are in great shape, spending hours on your feet without support can lead to many foot, knee, and hip soft tissue disabilities! In i nstances where I know I will stand for more than half an hour, I prefer to wear sandals, such as Powersteps or Vionic, that have built-in orthotics that support your arches. "If you go the sock route, cotton socks will help repel sweat, for you to make your feet sweat. Cotton is also thicker and provides more comfort for your feet, especially that of people who can't stand wearing sandals or slippers around the house. " – Tehrani



"Pay attention to the bottom of the sole the incline or flip-flop. As a general rule of thumb, if it bends in the middle of the sole, it has very poor support and the your feet will tire fast.Take your thumb and middle finger and pick up the heel, do the same thing with your other hand on the ball of sandal, then squeeze. If the middle part is bent, it literally does nothing to support your arches during your walking rotation. " – Tehrani



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