Every Time I Wear 9 Dresses This Summer, I'm Filled With Compliments

Every Time I Wear 9 Dresses This Summer, I'm Filled With Compliments

Summer clothes are a tight category at this point. From floral frocks to lightweight style linens there are many shapes and lengths to choose from, regardless of your personal preferences. As a seasoned summer clothing reviewer I quickly realized that some really sounded all over. Welcome to my hit list of the season's top clothes .

If there's one piece of wardrobe that I can trust more than anything to get me into the endless heat and a slate full of Google Calendar dates, it's a chic dress. Next to my stretch pants, it’s probably the style I repeatedly wear at this time of year. A big factor is the element of versatility. It’s very easy to get dressed or take off, and I never spend a lot of brain energy to come out with a solid look. With that said, my collection continues to overflow, but I always have those I can count on to get compliments wherever I go. Ahead, keep reading to see the clothes in my closet not to be missed. Expect compliments … many of them.

Réalisation has been on my radar for years, but I never jumped until now. I can report that it’s worth the hype and then some. Everything from silky satin fabric to delicate floral print and romantic neckline makes this dress glamorous. Truly, this is a perfect easy dress for dinner. Just add sleek, minimalist heels (you really don’t need sky high heels for this) to finish the look.

The dress does not require an introduction. If you have an Instagram account, you’ve probably seen this dress throughout your feed, as it has appeared on almost every supremely stylish influencer. I had doubts because I was curvier at the bottom and had more of a pear shape, but once I slipped on it, I immediately fell in love. I think it’s the ruched middle that creates the illusion of a defined waist, but this dress has an extraordinary flattery. I hardly make minidresses, but I’ll be happy to pull back and forth on this one. Finally, the material feels expensive and heavy, so it willn ' t stand up to anything. Andy is currently sold in this purple shade, but it is still in stock in a variety of equally fun colors and prints.

This sweet tiered maxi dress is the perfect beach dress. It’s made of lightweight bubble-crêpe material to beat the heat in style. It certainly falls into the clothing camp to throw away, and so only minimal styling effort is required. I chose to pair it with the trending platform flip-flops, and I definitely felt more relaxed with this outfit.

I'll say the obvious: The Reformation knew how to make a standout dress. I’m honest on the floor of how many compliments I receive when I wear this baby-blue floral number. So far, I wear it to a summer celebration, to a wedding, and for drinks with friends, and it has received so much admiration. I can't get enough of the details of the tie and front of the romantic neck.

I've wanted a casual, high summer dress for my seasonal wardrobe for quite some time. When I saw it, I immediately knew it was going to be a go-to for me on endless summer days. It exudes an effortless French-girl vibe, has a dazzling silhouette, and comes in a gorgeous olive-green check Really everything you need for a “picnic in the park” weekend look .

Here's another viral dress that I happily say is worth attention. I’ve seen this dress in some of my favorite tastes around the world – both heel and sneaker styles – and I know I need it in my closet. The thin fabric is definitely more revealing than I’m used to, but it really hides more than you think. My advice is to layer a good pair of black briefs underneath (or a belt if you’re brave!). I have a feeling that my search for the perfect party dress ends here.

For the latest collection, With Jéan collaborated with Australian artist Lord Newry. Everything from the release is draped in bold graphic prints that really feel unique and have an annoying factor. The dress that embraces the body is no different. You can recognize this dress, as it makes the rounds on Instagram this season, with Jordyn Woods wearing it earlier this month. It’s a statement dress to wear for a relaxing special occasion or a night out with your staff.

Isn't this the perfect LWD for summer? In terms of style, it’s incredibly easy to wear mostly with heels or flats, and the romantic smocked bodice creates a defined waist without the need for heavy shaping duties. The thin voile fabric really keeps me cool on hot days — usually a must for this unpredictable SoCal weather.

This dress has a huge tropical holiday strength that occurs with its release of cutout and midi-length silhouette. I was even more impressed that this dress was only $ 60 given how expensive it is and looks. Wear it with stylish strappy sandals for your next wedding invitation or summer soirée or sneakers for a dressed spin.

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