Existing Face Masks – Here are 27 I Found for You

Existing Face Masks – Here are 27 I Found for You

Now that face masks are no longer simply a recommendation but a way of life (somehow, for the foreseeable future), I would say officially it makes sense to actually invest in style that we really like . For some who have mistaken the simpler side of access, that could mean a basic, reusable style that eliminates the need for wasting a disposable mask for each release. For others, it’s something more than stylish that really enhances your outfit than just the blend.

If you fall into the old or late category, I'm here to help. Now I went ahead and put together 27 crazy masks (and bundles of masks) to make your face mask at home almost impossible because, once upon a time, you were excited to wear them. From plain white to neutral prints to statement making ties, just keep scrolling to shop with all the ones I love now.

Its very chic.

Re / Done passed.

For those wondering how to get their hands on the mask Brittany Xavier is wearing above, a tied dye is it.

Just in case you want to match what you made with your favorite sweatsuit.

The chain really adds something to it.

Part of this brand’s mission is to highlight African prints and fabrics, and so far face masks are among the most visible way to do it.

Hard to know sometimes.

Why settle on one print if you have two?

A purchase of this mask helps support local artisans, and it is made from fabric scraps from previous collections.

So, it's just amazing.

This seamless Skims mask comes in five neutral colors and is designed to feel breathable and comfortable.

One for each day of the week.

I always game for simplicity as well.

Perfect for spring and summer.

Definitely ready for summer.

Somehow, it already has good reviews.

While I love a leopard moment, I prefer a purchase that returns more to charity.

For the minimalist at heart.

These colors are all.

I'm very disgusted with this subtle gray print.

We want a flower print

I know what to think you, and yes, it includes replacement filters.

Another day, another item from the Reformation to add to the wishlist.

Aside from looking beautiful, this brand has placed a lot of emphasis on masks fit and comfort.

Tie-dye is always a good idea.

I love bras and underwear of this brand, so it's only natural that the masks get my approval as well.

Wear this all-black ' fit.

Next: everything I buy from Net-a-Porter for the summer .

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