Fall Mode Activated: 5 Major Trends I Plan My Wardrobro Around

Fall Mode Activated: 5 Major Trends I Plan My Wardrobro Around

If you’ve read Who What Wear on the reg, you’ll know that our heads are already entrroed into all the things that are falling apart momentarily now, and then discussing larger picture trends like of the colors we all wear and the essential silhouettes in clothing it’s time to discuss how actually wear some of the fall trends. Knowing what’s trending is one thing, but doing a little planning and figuring out how to actually put together new pieces into an outfit is the next step (and honestly, one of my favorite hobbies).

Another good reason to make component planning ? Picking and choosing which pieces to invest in will leave you feeling (hopefully) more satisfied with your wardrobe throughout the season. Yep, as the headline suggests, I’m sharing some fall trends that I look to happen to be wearable and affordable. From the versatile clothes you can wear now with sandals and later with boots to lovers of fun knit couples with jeans, keep scrolling for all the under- $ 40 purchases I look at and the trends that inspire each.

Style Tip: Platform sandals really take this minimalist piece to the next level (both literal and mellow).

Style Tip: Swap into a pair of single lug boots to keep wearing this dress once the weather cools down.

Style Tip: A simple dress like this is a great platform to let your favorite accessories shine.

Style Tip: Pairour Sleeveless Peplum Top with skinny pants if you want to look funny polished.

Style Tip: Dress up this look with day slides, and then exchange it for kitten heels for a night out.

Style Tip: Call it now: People with fashion are wearing creative, loving knit pieces on their jeans this fall.

Style Tip: Layer a sweater pants with a collared shirt for a more classic feel.

Style Tip: The new fashion-person suit involves relaxed pants and a specialized vest.

Style Tip: We've highlighted this before, but a plain tee, extra-sized button-down, and pants are still the casual-chic formula I plan to repeat throughout the season.

Style Tip: Build an airy and cute frock with something tougher like platform oxfords.

Style Tip: Beware of unattractive floral prints that are easily mistaken for vintage.

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