Gigi Hadid (Finally!) Achieves a solo cover for American Vogue in March 2021

Gigi Hadid (Finally!) Achieves a solo cover for American Vogue in March 2021

We went to the kiosks without Gigi Hadid to find out what feels like forever . But leave it up to Anna Wintour to bring back the forum favorite for her first cover appearance after pregnancy. After a disappointing pair of Kamala Harris covers last month, Gigi is bringing fashion back to the fore for March 2021. Photographer Ethan James Green and stylist Gabriella Karefa-Johnson come together to mark Gigi's long overdue solo excursion in the American fashion bible with the new mother in a look from Prada's spring 2021 collection for the elegant cover picture.

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Gigi's comeback was a hot topic on our forums." Finally! I'm really happy for Gigi, it's time she got a solo cover. And a beautiful one too! I love it. The colors are very nice and I like that they swapped it with the imprint … ”admired aracic .

“Finally a solo cover! I can't believe it took so long, ”added HodanChloe .

"I like her pose and silhouette and the styling actually makes the Prada look expensive …" THD96 pointed out.

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“I love that! At least this is fashion, what we expect from Vogue ”said Flamingjune .

But not all shared the same feeling. “A huge fan of Gigi and Ethan James Green, and while the thread title is enough to make me weak in my knees, the result is surprisingly boring, empty, and lifeless. The make-up and the hair are doing Gigi a disservice and everything feels… static ”, explained vogue28 .

“I can't say that I like it. I hate that you can see that they lifted Gigi's head from another shot on this one, ”said mikel .

"Strong word, but I hate that. The amount of body photoshopping is also unsightly," repeated dsamg .

Share your thoughts on the cover and see more of Gigi's cover shoot here .

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