Hailey Bieber Pops Back Up on Vogue France for May 2022

Hailey Bieber Pops Back Up on Vogue France for May 2022

The fashion industry’s love affair with Hailey Bieber continues. This year alone we’ve witnessed the American beauty grace the covers of WSJ. Magazine, Perfect plus Allure and become the face of mega brands like Miu Miu and Boss. Now Eugénie Trochu picks Hailey to cover Vogue France only a year after the model’s last appearance. Against a white studio backdrop, Hailey sports a black turtleneck sweater and green miniskirt from Prada’s Spring 2022 collection courtesy of Kate Phelan for the image captured by Karim Sadli.


The cover immediately ignited debate among our forum members. “I don’t hate it,” confessed MyNameIs.

“Very vintage in a good way. Perhaps my favorite cover of Vogue France so far, it simply hit the right spots for me! The green, the hints of blue light, the simplicity. Hailey looks good! Good job,” praised aracic.

“There’s a late 90s ELLE vibe that I like, I just wish the lighting around her was better,” admitted Marc10.

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“Looks as if they photographed her against a window using an iPhone and then overexposed the background in Photoshop,” avonlea002 pointed out.

“The lighting of her head and left shoulder looks very amateurish, it’s all so washed out,” declared iacoboi.

SLFC agreed: “This is awful, the lighting with the white background makes it look really cheap and amateurish.”

“I’m conflicted. I like the cover because it feels very retro while modern at the same time… Then, on the other hand, I want to be extremely petty and say Emmanuelle Alt did it better with Hailey Bieber exactly twelve months ago!” voiced vogue28.

“I love this cover! Undoubtedly my favorite under Eugénie so far. I love the green shade and the layout is great,” approved Valentine27.

Check out what else Vogue France’s May 2022 issue has to offer here.

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