Here's the Swimwear Trend Outshining All the Rest This Season

Here's the Swimwear Trend Outshining All the Rest This Season

It's safe to say that last year almost all of us stopped sleeping from poolside parties and packed beach trips. As an optimist, I expect things to be a little different in the coming months, and yes, my mind has drifted into the world of bikinis. I’m not a big swimsuit person, so of course I took to the Internet’s favorite mood board, Instagram, to gather which styles I should bet my money on. It wasn’t long before a particular trend emerged as the clear winner: French cut bikinis were back, and in a big way. A dominant 80s style, revealing this bikini silhouette takes some sartorial courage to get used to. I noticed a variety of ways to pull off a French cut bikini: from slightly-there string bottoms as seen in Bella Hadid and Dua Lipa, to more cuts in range. The defining factor is the ultra high hips revealing silhouette. Placement above the hip bone helps to create the illusion of longer legs – and I always use that a little bit. In my eagerness to move on to the hot days, I’ve scanned the web for French cut bikinis that are stunning to the next level. I have no doubt these are some of the best out there, so you’re guaranteed to think about them as well.

Shop the matching Padded Bikini Top ($ 18). A solid affordable option.

The texture here is very mediocre and pleasing.

Shop the matching Leia Fine Line Bralette Bikini Top ($ 68). Treat yourself to a fresh green apple colored bikini.

At this point, 2021 is the year of the cut-out.

Shop the matching Lacey Top ($ 60). The choice of Skatie’s bikinis is foremost.

Shop the matching Susan Top ($ 88). The only thing left is a pair of equally fancy sandals to match.

Shop the matching Sugar Top Triangle Bikini Top ($ 64). We are always here for the stripes.

Shop a matching Foxy String Bikini Top ($ 90). Bubblegum pink is so beautiful.

Shop the matching Kelsey Bikini Top ($ 88). If you prefer a fuller range below.

Shop the matching Ava Bikini Top ($ 90). If you’re looking for minimalist suits with a flare, look no further than Jade Swim.

Shop the matching Gulf Bikini Top ($ 68). Reformation has always had some of the best vintage -inspired bikinis.

Shop the matching Baby Bikini Top ($ 78). Jean’s ruched mini dress was a bit of a breakout last season, so expect their swimsuit to pop up all over your feed when summer comes.

Shop the matching Beach Wave Bikini Top ($ 99). If you still can't get enough tie tying.

Shop a matching Puff Sleeve Bikini Top ($ 90). For the girl who loves something a little extra.

Shop the matching Oh Snap Top ($ 88). The tie-dye pattern is glorious.

Shop the matching Blue Crush Bikini Top ($ 95). A Mirror Palais suit is at the top of my summer shopping list.

Shop the matching Jeanette Strapless Bandeau Top ($ 90). The brand has released their latest collab with Hailee Steinfeld and it’s superb with delicious 70s inspired prints.

The only word I should describe it is wow!

Shop a matching Vintage Chic Bikini Top ($ 140). The paisley print with lace-up top is pure millennial glamor.

Classic black, with a glossy round.

Shop the matching Bikini Top ($ 90). Polka-dots and ruching lend a retro vibe.

Shop the matching Ambroise String Triangle Top ($ 90). I can imagine a fun poireide soiree with it.

Shop the matching Alexa Bikini Top ($ 38). One of Revolve’s more affordable bikinis.

Shop the matching Yash Bikini Top ($ 180). To keep in mind, Araks is a brand you can decide on.

Shop a matching Underwired Bikini Top ($ 149). Very wavy.

There's something effortless about it, I don't mind wearing it all day.

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