H&M Has Summer Styles We're Obsessed With Over $ 50

H&M Has Summer Styles We're Obsessed With Over $ 50

Welcome to This or That, a series in which the two editors of Who What Wear go over the biggest trend and make the case for all the It items they are currently seeking.

Summer, without a question, is always the most exciting time for shopping. I wear all my favorites – poor clothes, sandals that show off my pedicure, and crop tops. But what bothers me the most? Swimwear. My girlfriend thinks I have enough bikinis, a piece, and cover -ups to last me a lifetime, but she doesn’t get it – one can’t have too many.

Listen: My only-obsessed co- workers agree with me. I was chatting with my boss, Caitie Schlisserman, about all things summer fashion, and naturally, the swimsuit arrived. We find that, for one, we can do different things when looking for a suit that will work for us and, second, that H&M is the first place we both look. Find super cute pieces at crazy affordable prices. Since we are, we decided to have a little fun and went through the retailer’s latest drop to pick out the pieces we found ourselves wearing this summer and send them to each other.

Looking for your next purchase for an upcoming beach trip? Or just something you can relax around in your backyard? Don't worry-we've got you covered. Keep scrolling for both of our picks on what swimwear styles we’re looking for in the hot weather in the future, plus more H&M items that we’re equally excited for this summer.

To begin with, we dive into the endless battle of one piece versus two pieces. And what makes it difficult? H&M has such a great selection that even the most staunch bathing-suit advocate, can sway.

Anneliese: "While I'm usually barely into two pieces, something about the one -pieces I've seen this season just works for me. I love those quite a cheeky bottom and higher leg cut. "

Caitie:" This one is tough because I want to love the pieces, but don't I have already found one that works well on my body.Moreover, I love that there are so many variations with two pieces: interesting cuts, prints, and color.It makes mixing and matching forever. "

When placing a bandeau against a top triangle, the winner usually depends on levels of personal comfort. There’s a certain level of support that each of them offers, but there’s one thing they have in common at H&M: fabric-soft fabric that’s more tender than it really is.

Anneliese: "I have a bigger chest, so when I go for a two piece, I lean on the top triangles. They just hide everything from me."

Caitie: "I love a top without a strap, especially when there's nothing involved in swimming. I just don't have tan lines."

H&M knows what it does to design bikini bottoms – all of its pairs are super cute . High waists and cheeky bottoms have become more prominent in the fashion space over the past few years, and you can’t go wrong.

Anneliese: "I've noticed that the more purchases I buy, the less fabric in them. At first, it was surprising, but now I'm coming to the show a bit yet. This style is great for getting a more even complexion. "

Caitie:" I have a booty, and while I don't have ashamed of showing it off, I’m definitely more comfortable when I know it doesn’t come off completely.I also love how flattering people with high waists are.They not only hug me in the right places, but also lengthen me my legs, which I appreciate because I’m a shorter gal. ”


Ah, the hunt for a good covering. I start this year in an effort to find something that feels trendy and will keep me beautiful pre-beach and post-beach. I always turn to the H&M option because it has light and breeze options that are always so chic. People never believed me when I told them my pieces were less than $ 45.

Anneliese: "I'm a person with clothing overall. If for a cover up or what I'd like to wear to lunch. It's something I'll always come back to. "


Caitie: "I feel summer is the time to indulge in matching sets. I can't resist them! They feel a little weird than just a regular dress. "

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