Holy Shit, Selena Gomez Just Got Blonde

Holy Shit, Selena Gomez Just Got Blonde

So here's the tea: The year 2020 is a damn good year for celebrity hair, and so far, 2021 follows suit. Hollywood heads that have always been draped in long extensions are finally going the way of smooth bobs, people allow their natural curls to flow freely, and colorists are making it really interesting. interesting and bold things in the mane of their clients. We are more inspired by the chic celebrity hair changes we saw in 2020 and 2021 than previous years combined. So we ' ve rounded up some of the best.

Below, find our curated list of the best haircuts and celebrity coloring jobs. These before and after shots can serve as inspo for your next in-salon move. Oh, and be sure to bookmark this page because we’ll update the list in real time once we catch a new celebrity hair look. In the meantime, however, here are our faves…

PSA: Selena Gomez is a blonde now! After years of hunkering as one of Hollywood’s few established brunettes, the singer revealed a brand-new, bleach-blonde job via the Instagram account of her popular makeup brand, the Rare Beauty. The update came Friday morning with a caption that read, "New look. Need to choose a new Rare Beauty lip and blush color now 💓." New, really! Celebrity hairstylist and beloved Nine Zero One Salon owners Nikki Lee and Riawna Capri are responsible for the change. They are Gomez’s longtime hair gurus with a client list that also includes the likes of Hilary Duff, Emma Roberts, and Ashlee Simpson. "We've been doing Selena's color for over a decade now. She usually keeps it natural, but this time she went for a big change. This blonde is unique to her because we made sure there's an equal balance. of cool and warm for her skin tone. It's a healthier look and perfect for summer, "the duo said in a joint statement. It looks like summer is officially over!

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The long-awaited moment at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night, without a doubt, came with the joint performance of Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion of their hit single, "WAP." The awards show, aired on CBS, features brilliant performances from stars like Doja Cat and Dua Lipa, the presentation of awards that make history, and hilarious punch lines from host Trevor Noa, but when Cardi B climbed into a custom rose-gold chrome fembot getup by designer Rey Ortiz, jaws across the country no doubt hit the floor. This shock and surprise may have been the result of the rappers ’dance movements-including rotations around stage poles and knee test twing-but if you’re like you, it was Cardi B’s gorgeous pink hair that really stole the show. Hairstylist Tokyo Stylez is responsible for the look, which is a wig that is cut, treated, and colored using Joico products before the big performance. While Cardi B is no stranger to an outrageous moment of color, it’s not uncommon to see her without length flowing down her waist. This pixie is just so appropriate! The epic look features the best pastel-pink color throughout, a deep side part, a push-back swoop bang, and a close-up crop from ear to nape of the neck for a very sharp look. . Now, this is the kind of beauty change we want to see at the Grammys.

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A lot has changed for Gigi Hadid in the past year. She adopted a daughter, Khai, along with singer Zayn Malik and adopted a modified beauty routine afterwards. Just now, she’s back on the runway to walk for Versace at her first fashion show since giving birth. And if all wasn’t enough, the model also debuted a new hair-color that was far from what we expected. Hadid turned red! The inspiration for the color came from the star of Netflix ' s hit show The Queen ' s Gambit. “Surprise,” the 25-year-old captioned an Instagram post today showing the rich bronze color. If you think the color red is a wig, think again. Hadid documented the process in his Stories on Instagram, showing colorist Panos Papandrianos applying dye with a date stamp on 26. He went on to share a slide featuring an image of the final color on his curly, large locks with the caption, "She's committed to everyone responsible for The Queen ' s Gambit," referring to lead character Beth Harmon as a lively, earnest coif. We don’t know much about chess, but we’ll go ahead and call that a checkmate.

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Ana de Armas was single, and she got the haircut to prove it. Just days after news of her separation from quarantine bae Ben Affleck went public, the Knives Out actress was seen in a YouTube video releasing a new haircut. Not only did it look like the actress was swapping out her live-in shoulder-length locks for the haircut of the decade, a short bob, but she also took things a step further by choosing an eyebrow-grazing fringe that fit for a french girl. . What’s a little about not cutting your hair right after parting? Whatever it is, we’re glad de Armas decided not to listen because this haircut is everything!


Emma Chamberlain is the latest celeb to embrace the New Year with a new hair look. The 19-year-old social media star recently debuted a lob, better known as the unofficial haircut fashion-girl of the millennium. Furthermore, Chamberlain discarded his signature blonde hair color in exchange for a deep, espresso-like shade of brown. All of this is according to a post shared on her Instagram and a photo posted on the feed of her trusted hair pro, Laura Polko. It was a decidedly more sophisticated look for the young starlet, but we loved how she stayed on-trend with rich colors and chic beach waves. Another aspect we love? The lob haircut is known to be low maintenance, like this brown color he chose, which we think more closely matches Chamberlain’s natural color. Fun doing less in 2021.


So, folks, it looks like pastel-hued hair is officially trending. Just days after Chrissy Teigen showed up at her local grocery store sporting a surprisingly realistic looking lilac wig (just scroll down for that news), Demi Lovato revealed that she, too, boarded the rainbow train . The singer hasn’t stopped adopting a cotton-candy pink dye job, though. He also cut a tresses into a bowl. Now, that’s a hair change! Lovato showed off his new look in a video posted on his Instagram this week, where he gave us the angles on the angles of the surprising new look. Although such a bold color and cut at the same time may seem like overuse, we are really obsessed with the look. We hope that president -elect Joe Biden also likes funky pink hairdos, because, since debuting his mane makeover, Lovato has also confirmed that he will perform at the inauguration next week for him and vice president who Kamala Harris has been appointed. Good news all around.

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We're only a few weeks into the new year, but the hair changes are already coming. Take, for example, Chrissy Teigen’s vibrant purple hair, which she launched in an Instagram post over the weekend. Yes, you read that right! The 35-year-old multihyphenate swapped her signature pink highlights for a decidedly more whimsical color. The best part? The overhaul appears to have been implemented simply for a trip to the grocery store. Queen! Before you get scared, the color is temporary. In his caption to the aforementioned post, Teigen wrote, "The life of the wig … chose me." It looks like Teigen is just doing well in a previous internet announcement where he vowed to try this lilac hair color for real after being offended by the look, as represented by a scary looking realistic Instagram filter. Either way, we’re here for the switch-up.

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For many years, Amandla Stenberg was the undisputed queen of fast-burning hair changes. From curly cut cuts to dull bobs and tresses in every imaginable color, the actress has repeatedly proven that she is not afraid to make a bold statement. But it looks like he’s going back to the basics on the hair front to start 2021, and we can’t get enough of that. In an Instagram post shared on her feed on Tuesday, the 22-year-old shone with a makeup-free face and a progressive, stretched afro hairstyle accompanied by the caption "I'm not bald no you." It comes after years of continuous short cut punctuation of occasional weaving and beads in various lengths (and colors). From its looks, these protective styles make way for Stenberg’s natural tresses to regain some enviable volume and serious length. Healthy, happy hair is a vibe we will always leave behind.

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There are many haired chameleons in the ranks of celebrities, but Lucy Hale may be the queen of modern vision. From cut to color, there’s not much we haven’t seen from the actress, though its latest color — a golden shade of bronze red courtesy of her long-haired pro Kristin Ess — is the same color that doesn’t seem to yet Hale’s debut begins. And now, he can officially cross the crimson from his list. (FYI: Our panel of celebrity colorists predicted different shades of red will be one of the most desired color trends this fall.) Not surprisingly, Hale was right on target . In her latest post celebrating Hale’s transformation from brunette to red, Ess exclaims: "Lucy Hale has every hair color in the sun except red. My lil colored heart is full, and now we know officially that this chick looks beautiful with any hair color. ”Color and vibrant maintenance for red hair is key, so we recommend a shampoo with shade and protection like the one below from Redken if you’ve talked about the fall red trend or if, thanks to Hale, your interest has been officially recorded.

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There aren't many redeemable qualities about the year that can't be named (you know, the one that starts at a 20 and ends at a 20), but Robyn Rihanna Fenty goes through the bright spot we all need today: a mullet. Sure, we’ve all been patiently waiting (and gently messing with her on Instagram) for her expected album, but when the queen gives a gift, any gift, we extend our palms and accept it. And this perfect cut — complete with clever bangs, long sides, and a sacred rattail on the back — is, a gift. The designer-and-beauty-mogul singer gives a glimpse into the new cut in the trailer for Savage x Fenty’s second fashion show, set to debut on Amazon Prime Video on October 2. And if it does a wig wearing or if she is fully committed to the “business front, party back” life, we are here for it. If we’re not mistaken, model Cara Delevingne, who will appear on the show alongside stars like Rosalía, Lizzo, and Normani, can quickly be spotted in a similarly kind cut to the short piece. So apparently, it’s time for the mullet in the land of Fenty. Those with trained eyes may also notice that this particular cut looks surprisingly similar to the signature haircut of the undisputed Black aunties from the ' 90s. In case anyone needs another cherry on top, that’s all. Perfection.

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Leave it to the queen of all, Jennifer Lopez, to start fall with a good take on one of the most sought after haircuts of the season: the curly bob. Longtime icon hairstylist Chris Appleton shared a quick Instagram snap of the gorgeous new look on Monday with the caption, “This is the length for me,” mentioning that the shorter cut is a new trend. development for 51-year-old Lopez. The length of it for us too! While J.Lo is no stranger to a great hair transformation (he sported a bob or two in his day), this particular look has hit a couple of the biggest trends of haircut trends of celebrities called for the season. Short bob haircuts have long been trending, but large shapes created with lots of textured curls are another style that our experts said we can expect to see more of to come. moon. Whether the picture was a throwback isn’t immediately clear, but we’re still grateful to J.Lo for showing us all how it’s done!

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It's time for bangs, everyone! Of all the haircuts already falling on celebrities and equal girls, fringes that capture eyebrows in different textures seem to be gaining momentum, and actress Priyanka Chopra is the latest run away. The Quantico star took a quick break from posting snapshots of her adorable dogs and her husband Nick Jonas, to share a playful selfie with the caption, “New hair, don’t care, "on the weekend. The photo illustrates what brand new bangs will appear and maybe even a few layers and fresh highlights. A departure from its typical long layers, the cut is a fun and youthful take on a seasonal switch-up. And just like that, we’re also ready for a refreshing fall hair!

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Kaia Gerber couldn't stop her hair color from changing. Just weeks after she debuted a platinum blonde makeover with her signature cut tresses, the model took to Instagram yesterday to show off another color update. This time, it was a Kurt Cobain inspired shade of pastel pink that he made himself! Gerber recorded the entire experience in a video posted on his IGTV channel with the enthusiastic caption, "I'm pink!" The 19-year-old brought in iconic editorial hairstylist Guido Palau to almost walk him through the whole process because, you know, 2020. “I didn’t think I had colored hair, but here we are,” he laughed. Gerber before sharing quite some of his most epic hair changes — from cutting hair short to bleaching it and now dying in pink — has become a commitment to the late man of Nirvana. “Slowly, every year, I take another step to be him,” he said in the video.


Ariel Winter's lengthy gig on ABC's Modern Family ended recently, and the actress seems to have celebrated the milestone with a visit to her colorist. After 11 seasons playing Alex Dunphy, the super-savvy bookworm with colored onyx fibers, and a recent off-screen switch-up to a soft strawberry tone, the 22-year-old has revealed a brand new, ultrabright blonde dye job via an Instagram post on Monday with the caption, "Winter Is Coming !!!!!!!!!!!" Now, Winter isn’t the only star adopting blonde hair for the summer. In fact, she joins the ranks of newly blond blondes, including models Kaia Gerber and Emily Ratajkowski, who have proven that high-maintenance flaxen colorways are the least recent hair transplant. But we have to admit that this particular color choice is the most platinum-getting one we’ve seen come out of Hollywood salons in some time. A big reason this look is getting a rap rap? The care! If it can be put clearly, it is an animal. Hair health is another big concern that should be considered, but we have no doubt that winter fibers are in the most capable hands. We can’t say for sure that the aforementioned caption on Instagram is a tribute to the Game of Thrones protagonist and the best of them all, Daenerys Targaryen, but our girl is sure to serve some Mother of Dragons realness. If you’re thinking of a similarly drastic color lift, be sure to stock up on bond-forming products to keep your fibers strong and healthy.

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Kim Kardashian West and her famous sisters are not known for falling hair with hair change. In fact, the Jenners and Kardashians are frequent flyers right inside this gallery. That said, it’s been a minute since we saw Kardashian West debut in something other than platinum or deep brunette. So understand, when her longtime hairstylist Chris Appleton took to Instagram to share and confirm she did, in fact, dye the celeb’s famous tresses, the internet went a bit wild. (It’s not a drill in the form of a wig, people. It’s the real deal!) A juicy pop of cherry red is Kardashian West’s latest hair vibe, and honestly, we’re in it. For fellow (or future) redheads looking to maintain the shine and life of your crimson shade, we recommend investing in a color-infused deep-conditioning treatment gloss, such as of below from DPHue.

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As salons begin to reopen their doors across the country, one of the biggest questions in our beauty -centered brain is how will hair trends shift from our original predictions ( pre-pandemic). After the moon is no longer conscious of professional cuts and colors, will people encourage something lower maintenance? Or is everyone craving a dramatic shift? Honestly, we’re predicting the first, but as celebs like Emily Ratajkowski and Kaia Gerber debut bold, superb retention of hair color changes, we can only prove wrong. Gerber has gradually lightened her deep brunette strands for a while now, but just yesterday, we caught the wind that the model has turned lighter towards an almost platinum color. Then, Ratajkowski took to her Instagram to show off a similarly vibrant blonde color, thanks to beloved haircare brand Kérastase for the innovation. So is the second half of 2020 all about gold? If so, a brass bust-like like the one below from Amika is an important product addition. (As a blonde myself, I swear here!)

Oops, did he do it again? Honestly not. While stubborn fans may remember Spears sporting this look at The Mickey Mouse Club, yesterday marked the first time she cut her own bangs. "Who would have thought bangs could make you look waaaaay younger?" she posted last month on Instagram a photo that exposed her face-framed layers and trimmed edge professionally. “It was a big deal to expose my forehead … Only good people in the South could do it, and I didn’t feel good enough to get it,” Spears recalled. . After years of moving her hairstyle, Spears is back to her roots — if not literally then figuratively. "I stopped having bangs in the 3rd grade, and I remember like yesterday … People choose different ways to protect themselves … When I pulled my bangs in front of my head, I feel like I’m protected… almost like I’m in 3rd grade again. ”With the right tools in hand, we have a feeling he’s about to be a pro at-home sure trimmer — no oops about it.


Ever the haired chameleon, Bella Hadid has been known to take a risk or two with her mane. Her color is regular ping-pong between deep brown and beachy blonde, and the 23-year-old model has even been seen in pixie-cut wigs more than once (including the red carpet of the Met Gala last year). Suffice to say, the homegirl seems less likely to try new things. Just weeks after singer Rosalía dumped us when she revealed she cut her own bangs, Hadid took to Instagram Stories over the weekend to let us know she did the same while partying to a friend. “I cut my own bangs,” he captions the video, in which he can be seen talking about the fresh-cut fringe with his fingers. Hadid asked a question to his followers via the app’s poll feature that read, "Will you let me cut your bangs. Be honest" before revealing in a subsequent slide that his foster friend Leah , did really take the model to his offer. "So, Leah let me cut her, so whoever said ' NO, ' looked at me now," she wrote in the video documenting the styling session. Get down, Bella! We were quite curious to find out what Hadid’s trusted hairstylist, Jen Atkin, had to say about her sudden passion for snipping strands.


If you're not already familiar with the megapopular Spanish singer Rosalía, it's officially time to get acquainted. The Grammy Award -winning artist known for delivering hits in Latin R&B landed on the internet on Tuesday when she debuted fresh chopped bangs on social media. Yes, you read that correctly. Rosalía got the bangs of separation, which led us to believe that she could have cut them herself! The Instagram debut of her new make-up, a video which she played to showcase her work, boasts only three cryptic haircut emoji as captions, with no further explanation of how she got the new-style look. A scan of her Twitter feed added the same video, only this time with the caption, “I just got bangs,” written in Spanish, followed by the same cut-out emoji she used on Instagram. All the signs point to a single haircut, and if that’s the case, we need to give the girl some props. The piece, brow-grazing fringes are actually very cute. But if you are thinking of getting haircuts on your hair during this period of quarantine, we advise you to consult a trusted hairstylist to guide you through (or out of) the process.

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Ariana Grande lets her hair down The 27-year-old songstress seems to be giving her tresses a well-deserved break from her signature high ponytail, according to a March 30 report. post on Instagram with the caption, "get a load a dis." The unmistakable selfie shows Grande looks like a new face (with cat eyes, of course) and wearing cascading dark brown ringlets, complete with shaggy, fashion girl bangs. The wall-backed look is different for the star, who rarely (if any) has photographed a stealth ponytail. Obviously, her hair, her choice, but we can seriously feel the natural curls.

[194590684] [194590684] ]

We call it now: 2020 will be the year of Selena Gomez. And she's dishing up the screenshot-worthy hair look to match. From chic bangs to a curly shag in her latest look — a retro vibe that is a part Jennifer Aniston circa Friends, a part with Goldie Hawn about her hit film, The First Wives Club — there is no stopping sa paghuhuli ng buhok sa mang-aawit. Noong nakaraang linggo sa The Kelly Clarkson Show, nagbigay pugay si Gomez sa kanyang paboritong palabas at kaibigan sa totoong buhay na si Aniston, na may hitsura na napaka nakapagpapaalala ng isa sa mga pinaka-iconic na haircuts sa lahat ng oras, "The Rachel." Ang hairstylist ni Gomez na si Marissa Marino, ay nakumpirma sa Instagram na ang rumor mill ay wasto at sinabi na si Rachel Green ang tunay na pangunahing inspirasyon sa likod ng malalaking layer ng mang-aawit (na may hawakan ni Hawn na itinapon para sa mahusay na pagsukat). Kami ay panatilihin ito sa kamay para sa aming susunod na appointment ng salon at snap up ito ng lakas ng tunog gusali blow-dryer pansamantala.

Huwag kaming magkamali, ang buhok ni Nyong'o ay hindi hindi kapani-paniwala, at ang pagkuha ng isang makasaysayang scroll sa kanyang pulang karpet ay mas mahusay kaysa sa isang paglalakbay sa tindahan ng kendi noong kami ay 5. Gayunpaman, sineseryoso namin nahuhumaling sa pinakabagong tinirintas na riff ng aktres sa red-hot bang trend na naabutan ng Hollywood sa nakaraang taon. Inilagay sa tabi ng may-akdang si Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, ibinabahagi ni Nyong'o sa kanyang caption sa Instagram na ang kanyang naka-plait, na-pull-up na hitsura ay naging kagandahang-loob ng hairstylist na si Zubi noong 3130 Naturals, isang salon na nakabase sa Accra. Inirerekumenda namin ang pagkuha ng mga screenshot at pag-scoop sa ibaba ng sparkler mula sa Lelet NY upang gawin ang iyong susunod na tinirintas na istilo o pag-update na kasingtaas ng Nyong'o's.

Hindi lihim na ang mahahaba, malalambot na kandado ni Blake Lively ay maaaring, pinaka marahil, ang pinaka iconic sa Hollywood. Kaya't kung ang aktres ay gumawa ng isang bagay na marahas, tulad ng ginagawa niya minsan para sa isang papel, lumilikha ito ng ilang pandemonium. Kahit na sigurado kami na ang kanyang pinakabagong hitsura ay isang peluka (Lively wears maraming mga hitsura para sa kanyang paparating na pelikula, The Rhythm Seksyon), kami ay pa rin bowled sa pamamagitan ng ang mapurol, maikling chop na nai-post sa kanyang Instagram mas maaga sa linggong ito. Kami ay (napaka) nasasabik na makita ang adaptasyon ng pelikula ng buzzed-tungkol sa libro ni Mark Burnell, ngunit ang tinatayang serye ng mga pagbabago sa buhok ni Lively ay nagbibigay sa amin ng higit na dahilan upang asahan ang paglabas sa huling buwan.

Sa kurso ng kanyang on-screen career, nakita namin Si Jada Pinkett Smith ay kumukuha ng nakakainggit na mga peligro sa buhok, tulad ng isang madilim na pixie cut, isang mullet, at malapit na ahit ang mga gilid na may mahabang braids sa kahon. Para sa kanyang pinakabagong switch-up, ang Red Table Talk host ay debut sa isang kapansin-pansin na kulay platinum blonde sa kanyang natural curl. Ibinigay sa amin ng bituin ang aming unang sulyap sa walang kahirap-hirap na bagong gawa sa isang post sa Instagram noong Enero 8, na nagpapatunay (na muli) na siya ay mga layunin pa rin ng buhok.

Nakita namin na si Miley Cyrus ay naghugot ng halos bawat gupit at kulay sa ilalim ng araw, ngunit hanggang kamakailan lamang, hindi pa niya naisusuot ang mga iconic ng kanyang ama na '90s istilo — ang mullet (na kung saan, talaga namang nagte-trend). Alam ng mang-aawit kung paano magsisimula ng tama ang taon at pasimulan ang kanyang pinakabagong hitsura ng buhok sa linggong ito sa Instagram na may isang naaangkop na caption: "Bagong buhok. Bagong taon. BAGONG MUSIKA." Miley, nasa iyo ang aming atensyon.

Nais mo bang mas maraming mga pagbabago sa kagandahan ng mga kilalang tao? Huwag palalampasin ang aming paboritong mga sikat na pampaganda ng tanyag na tao na huli.

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