How Dr. Deepika Chopra Became an Optimistic Doctor and What Exactly Means

How Dr. Deepika Chopra Became an Optimistic Doctor and What Exactly Means

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Dr. Deepika Chopra is, without a doubt, one of a kind. As a visual imagery and media, founder of Thing Are Looking Up and the Optimism Doctor, Chopra’s unique specialization is fused with holistic practices supported by science, ”demonstrations that evidence -based ”to help help people find their life path So what is exactly required of being an Optimism Doctor? Essentially, Chopra works with clients, couples, and corporations to cultivate self-master tools that help break the blocks and demonstrate a lasting happiness, resilience, success, and, of course, optimism. Chopra’s approach to unlocking and enriching self-esteem is focused on the future and desired outcomes rather than staying in the past, which catapulted his career, proving that he is a true leader of trouble. industry thinking.

Chopra holds a doctorate degree in clinical health psychology, focused on the mental-body connection, sensory-based imagery, color therapy, and innovative behavioral techniques provide -conscious. He has been featured in valued publications, including Goop, Forbes and Harper’s Bazaar sharing his wealth of knowledge to be the best version of himself. In 2019, Chopra launched his first product to augment his work — the deck of Things to Things cards, thought to be designed to inspire optimism and increase happiness, wherever you are.

But before Chopra can unleash his fortune to help empower others, he already has his own emerging career journey. From interning at a punk music label (and enjoying every moment of it) and traveling to Japan for self-discovery to working at an investment banking firm and a startup healthcare company, Chopra has experienced many others. 39; t other career avenues before returning to school to study psychology.

Sort through the latest installment of Second Life to hear how Chopra changed her passion for helping others with a brand of wellness and how her unique outlook on life was help charm the optimism we all have within us. Keep scrolling to buy your own deck of Things Looking Up cards.

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