I & # 039; m 55 and My Daughter is 23 – The Comfortable 2021 Items That Will Work For Everyone

I & # 039; m 55 and My Daughter is 23 – The Comfortable 2021 Items That Will Work For Everyone

Influencer Melissa Meyers and her daughter Rachel Meyers knew what was in the style department. So naturally, we regularly turn to the duo for sartorial inspiration . You may remember this piece showing the silhouettes of shoes they both loved . On that note, while age has nothing to do with what should or should not be worn, their fashion perspectives 55 and 23 are always intriguing because they both share similar ward-go-tos.

With all that in mind, we thought we would ask them next time to share the comfortable trends of 2021 that they both worshiped and thought would work well for all who were endowed with their comfortable and versatile nature. After all, those comfortable items are necessary because we spend more time at home.

Keep scrolling to check out some comfortable items you might want to consider this year, complete with a range of visual and shopping inspo. [19659002]

"As we all know, 2020 is the year of sweats and sweater sets. We will definitely continue to embrace the comfortable trend throughout 2021! A soft cotton-stretch or cashmere is extremely comfortable, and matching set gives you an effortless whole look. "- Melissa Meyers. In Meyers: Sydne Summer

In Meyers: Elaine Kim


"Hoodies and crew-neck sweatshirts certainly dominate our wardrobes today. Wearing jeans, a jogger or even a skirt, we keep warm. its and wearing street clothes chic. "- Rachel Meyers. On Meyers: Palo Santo Sweatshirt and Boyish jeans

On Meyers: Elaine Kim sweatshirt


"We want our pants to be super comfortable and so will continue to wear cute leggings and loose jeans throughout 2021. These pieces can easily take us from sitting in a quick release for activities. " – Melissa Meyers. In Meyers: Oliver Logan jeans; Aera shoes

On Meyers: Elaine Kim leggings

"In Our book, every winter to spring should be accompanied by wearing a stylish furry pair of slides. These R0AM are our faves but there are many great styles out there to choose from." – Melissa Meyers. In Meyers: R0AM footwear

"We love turtlenecks for their little simplicity and ability to keep us warm and cozy. Endless ways to style a turtleneck for a timeless look. "- Rachel Meyers. In Meyers: & Other Stories turtleneck

On Meyers: White House Black Market turtleneck


"We are stocking cardigans and dusters for 2021. They make for an effortless look when paired with leggings, sneakers, or fur slides." – Melissa Meyers. On Meyers: Sunday Citizen cardigan

On Meyers: Musier Paris cardigan


"Dramatic puffer coats and cute teddy jackets have become our outerwear garments for their warmth and comfortable-chic look." – Melissa Meyers. In Meyers: Elaine Kim puffer

In Meyers: I.Am.Gia coat


"A great cashmere scarf is a must-have and versatile wardrobe. We wear it and design it differently in the whole winter." – Melissa Meyers. In Meyers: Heidi Wynne scarf

On Meyers: Johnstons of Elgin scarf

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