I Am A Stylist for Barneys & Farfetch, Here Is My Shopping Rec for Spring

I Am A Stylist for Barneys & Farfetch, Here Is My Shopping Rec for Spring

Whenever personal stylist and brand consultant Amanda Murray pops up in my Instagram feed, it's not just a photo of the outfit, it's an event. As an editor, I work to keep tabs on what stylish people around the world are wearing, so it & # 39; s safe to say that I see my fair share of everyday element images. Murray, however, stands out from the package: every time he posts a picture you can be sure it will look nothing. The London-grown New Yorker spent many years working as a stylist for the legendary Barneys department store, and as a result, his closet was filled with top pieces. The notion of designer fashion treatments such as the precious artifacts on display is not a concept you will find in the stylist’s feed; for Murray, fashion is meant to be worn. Sometimes it means running errands on a Rick Owens coat or getting breakfast with Van Noten dries. Personally, I never thought of the ready-to-wear Prada suitable for my lunch trips to the warehouse, but consider me influential. What I respect about Murray’s style is that he knows what he likes and does not stray from his own unique preferences – with Dries Van Noten (he likes to call designer Papa Dries) and Prada among two of the brands you can see him in the crowd. To light up which trends and items I should cover my eyes for this season, I asked Murray to run me on his spring shopping list. Just a fair warning, you’ll want to bookmark these picks later. Read ahead to see it all with more inspo outfit like Murray style.

"I like all K.ngsley tanks. Like most of my days spent on Zoom calls, I think these tops are great for a virtual moment – simple, chic, sexy and effortless. They look great on their own or are also very cool paired with a textured cardigan. "–Amanda

" I always have two earrings on the top of my left ear, one personal signature. I am always on the lookout for cool gold mini hoops. I love the pink thorn-inspired hoops as well as the flora set. " –Amanda

"I just bought a huge canvas tote from Jil Sander. I thought about it for almost two years and I finally pulled the trigger because, we were in a pandemic and I suddenly felt an urge to get the all the things that live in my mind. Apart from being almost the same length as my body, great for getting dry cleaning and my ridiculous shopping at Target. "- Amanda

" In point where needed I was going to travel right away. I was thinking of going to Miami for a few days, mostly for art galleries. I dreamed of wearing this Christopher John Rogers dress at the Rubell family museum – a statement dress if ever. "- Amanda [19659006] "These miu Miu sneaker heels are on my list of things I need for spring. Many tried to make their version of a sneaker with heels and failed but it was just right. I was eager to wear it with a sweet summer dress. "- Amanda

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