"I Don't Know How I Lived Far Without It:" 10 Exfoliating Tools That Work

"I Don't Know How I Lived Far Without It:" 10 Exfoliating Tools That Work

We’re talking about how important it is to exfoliate our faces but here’s the real question: How often do you give your body some TLC ? If I’m honest, personally, I forget more often than not. I only really remember when my skin felt dry and scaly (gross, I know). Or I tend to exfoliate more in the summer when I soak my skin a bit and I want it to appear silky and glowing.

But it is important to exfoliate your body. How often you do this depends on your skin type, but the rule of thumb is if your skin is always flaky – or flakier than usual – maybe it’s time to work some exfoliation into your routine. . Plus, your body will withstand a little more exfoliation than your face, because the skin is less sensitive. A dermatologist told me that unless your skin is sensitive or you have skin that is prone to eczema, you can exfoliate your body several times a week if you wish.

And some parts of the body require more exfoliation than others. Your legs, especially, are more prone to dryness and decay, so you may need to exfoliate them more often. Ultimately, it all depends on your skin type and what its needs are – just check and adjust accordingly.

There are many great scrubs and chemical exfoliant products out there that can fit seamlessly into your routine, but you can also get a little extra help from some exfoliation tools. This makes it super easy to lengthen dead skin cells to reveal, softer, smoother, and more radiant skin. Check out some of the options that are highly rated below-and I’ve included some real-person reviews that you might just sell to them.

This body brush does a great job of deep- cleansing and reducing oil buildup and blackheads. It vibrates 7000 times per minute, so it can lift and tone the skin as well. Includes exfoliating attachments, such as a silver-infused loofah and an aluminum oxf exfoliator. What one reviewer said: “I don’t know how I lived that far without this tool! I own it for my face but not in a million years did I think I would need one for the rest of the my body! It really makes my skin feel clean and soft.I love how it relaxes my shower, definitely something I look forward to! I also noticed fewer breakouts on my back! "

Not only does it exfoliate the skin, but this brush also targets the appearance of cellulite and boosts circulation. It is made of natural bristles. And the long handle makes it easy to clean and rub your back. What one reviewer said: "I bought this body brush after a deep self-care dive into the internet that I believed moving my lymph would positively change my whole life. Whatever you buy with the crunchy-granola health benefits of particular dry-brushing exercises or not, there is no denying how this brush can improve your pre-shower routine.My skin is softer and smoother than ever and I expect the brushing of the body every day. The quality is also good for the price and mood. handle daily use. "

While it is not much apparently, this towel is a cult favorite and loved for its moving powers. Nylon fabric is softer than a loofah, but it is still effective at removing dead skin cells. It also dries quickly and can be washed after use. What one reviewer said: "The best! If you're looking for a great exfoliating towel, don't look far because it's Salux! It's great rough to exfoliate and rub dead skin without hurting you. Learn more low to less than using a loofah and loofah that doesn't do a squat on your skin.It does feel a bit scratchy at first but you get used to it over time and you literally see dead skin coming out.My skin is softer now because of Salux. "

Dylonic's exfoliating brush has an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to massage any area of ​​the skin. your body. It is also great for treating ingrown hairs and razor blades. What one reviewer said: "Where has it been in my whole life? None of the other release products seem to work well for me. However, it's wonderful! I didn't find it uncomfortable, but i prefer a heavy scratch than most people.It also depends on what part of the body you use it on.The general use of the body seems to be fine, but on my neck it is a bit worse.I found I had to use less pressure there. I also really like how the handle is designed to fit right in the palm of your hand. Goodbye ingrown hairs! This is now part of my daily beauty routine! "

To use these gloves, simply soak in your favorite soap or body wash and gently massage the skin. You can throw them in the washing machine to clean. What one reviewer said: “These are like a dream (even though there are things that barely blurred with my last couple) and I really feel like something is happening with a little bit of effort as opposed to most others. more gloves – that I rubbed my heart with little to no reward. I literally could see the dead skin flowing down the canal! It was such a pleasure. My skin was like silk afterwards, before I even cut it with the liquid oil of coconut. "

This set includes a body brush and face brush so all your exfoliation and washing needs are met here. . The silicone material is soft enough for sensitive skin, but it will still give you a deep scrub. What one reviewer said: "These scrubbers worked well — not all in one session but over time. After a week they inflated the blackheads on my nose; helped to prevent built-in hairs in the pit; make significant progress on my rough elbows; and they ' re doing better than a heel cloth on my heel callouses. "


The Buf -Puf is very popular, especially with readers and editors of Who What Wear. The body sponge has dual textures for different body parts, great for personalizing your exfoliation routine. What one reviewer said: "These are my favorite body sponges of all time. I've been using them for 15-plus years and I haven't found any product that comes close to a replacement."


If you've tried scrubbing your back, you know how tricky it can really be and you can look a little silly doing it. So, this back scrubber makes the task easy. One side has a textured surface to deeply exfoliate, and the other side has a soft, microfiber surface to massage. What one reviewer said: "How can I not like this thing without size? Nine years of continuous use. Back, upper arm, elbow. It would be amazing if I could re-sew the part where the rope.Never had any kind of mold or disgusting issues with it.I always hung it in the air dry after each use.There were people who complained about small bumps, like goosebumps, on their upper arm.Well, I haven't had a single one in nine years since I've been using this scrubber.Believe me when I say that after almost a decade of hard use, this thing is amazing -surprised and I will be faithful to this scrubber until they are gone. "

This brush is made of cactus fibers to reduce the dead skin cells and leave i that skin that looks radiant and smooth. It is recommended to use it in the morning before you take a bath.

The amazing thing about this exfoliating mitt is that it is made of very natural materials, such as the fibers of the kumazasa plant. It is designed for weekly use. What one reviewer said: “[It’s] easy and surprising.

If you’re looking for a dry brush with no handle, this is a great choice. It has a strap for easy grip and control. What one reviewer said: "At first, I was afraid that the bristles were too harsh on the skin, but it was really soft! It’s not too big and fits perfectly in my hands. I can definitely tell the difference in my skin. It is smoother and more fuzzy. I used to shed a lot because of dry, soft skin, but now it’s super soft and flaky. Super fun with this product and highly recommend it! This little device will help you have smoother, glowing, and softer skin! "

Composed of 8.8% glycolic acid, this body washing works to exfoliate dead skin cells and cleanse the skin of excess oil and dirt.

This gel treatment has an exfoliating compound, along with niacinamide and hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin.Apply it after your shower.

The lactic acid in this formula will refine the texture of the skin, while probiotics and xylitol protect the skin barrier and boost hydration.

If you're dealing with rough, rough skin, this scrub can help.Both a mechanical and chemical exfoliant, with ingredients like pumice buffing beads, glycolic and lactic acid, and vitamin E.

Made of 2% salicylic acid, this whole body treatment is removes dead skin cells and improves skin texture. It is also enriched with green tea and chamomile to soften and nourish the skin.

You don't have to worry about your skin drying out with body polish. It contains the proteins of coconut oil, Moroccan rose, and pink clay to rejuvenate the body and remove the skin. You can also use it if you have sensitive skin.

Nécessaire's exfoliator is both a mechanical and chemical exfoliant. It consists of bamboo charcoal and pumice, along with a trio of acids (glycolic, lactic, and salicylic). It won’t leave your skin dry or irritated, either, thanks to the softening marula oil. Next: Using * It * Is The Gateway to Tighter Skin and a Simpler Skin Regimen

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