I Have a 14-Hour Flight Coming Up, and I Refuse to Board Without These Items

I Have a 14-Hour Flight Coming Up, and I Refuse to Board Without These Items

As someone who’s found themselves forgetting that oneitem they need while traveling too many times, I’m going on my next trip extremely prepared, not only for the trip itself but for the flight. My next flight will be 14 hours straight, so I’ve been using my own traveling experience and researching through expert advice to put together a list of items I should prioritize on my packing list. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or not, there are always a number of carry-on essentials for long flights (as well as short ones) you should always have within reach during your time in the air.

Even if you plan to spend most of your flight sleeping (kudos to you if you can!), we can all agree that just having some of your things close by, as opposed to well beneath you in the cargo section with your checked bags, simply makes your trip 10 times easier. From a portable charger—which, without a doubt, you will want—to a lightweight sweater and scarf to keep you extra comfortable throughout the flight, see all of our carry-on necessities below.

When searching through your bag, your passport or travel documents are the exact things you do not want to lose. That’s why I always like to keep everything zipped up in a travel wallet. It also makes things more seamless when going through security at departure and arrival.

I’ve tried a lot of carry-on bags and this one by Beis is a game-changer. It has a removable compartment for shoes, a built-in laptop case, a strap to glide it over your suitcase, and last but not least, it fits perfectly under the seat! Shay Mitchell truly thought of everything.

If you plan on removing any jewelry during your flight, make sure they’re in a safe place like this compact organizer. 

Besides the fact that the overall design of this “ultra mini” Le Pliage is adorable, I love to keep my headphones, keys, and some extra cash tucked into this.

Speaking of headphones, I’ve gone back to using wired headphones. AirPods were always falling out of my ears during flights and I cannot afford to buy and lose another. 

While perusing at Target years ago, I found this clear makeup bag and it’s come in handy for all my toiletries ever since. 

I already have incredibly dry skin and there’s nothing like the air of the plane to further that dehydration. I’ve been traveling with Summer Fridays’ Jet Lag mask for years. It’s soft, nourishing, and prevents flakey skin. 

Speaking of dry skin, I like to keep my hands moisturized too. (If space is an issue, you can use the Jet Lag mask on your hands, too. I’m just a tad bit extra.)

I’ve tried every scent of this lip treatment and I keep returning to watermelon slice. It’s nourishing on the lips without being overly sticky or gloopy, which is my main issue with a lot of other lip balms. (And for once, it’s in stock, so act fast.)

I don’t even want to think about the number of germs on an airplane so hand sanitizer is very much a top essential. (And grab some disinfecting wipes while you’re at it.)

Deodorant is a must to re-apply midflight.

Not only do I have dry skin, but I also have sensitive skin, and this SOS spray helps calm down any redness or irritation immediately.

I’ve tried all the cozy options while traveling, but these Simon Miller ribbed pants are the ultimate winner. (I own them in three colors.) They’re lightweight, stretchy, and comfy enough to sleep in. Plus, they’re chic!

Meet the portable charger that has gotten me through multiple flights, fashion weeks, and road trips. According to my computer engineer brother, it’s the best.

It’s easy to get dehydrated on flights, as those little cups of water really don’t do much. I like to use these hydration multipliers in the summertime, so I’m bringing a few packets in my carry-on.

With the light changes and movement surrounding you, this is going to help you actually get some much-needed sleep.

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